Dog Testimonials

Dog Testimonials


Hi Andi: I am responding to your request for stories for the “pet-of-the-month” feature on your web site. I am attaching a brief biography of my Golden Retriever, Dutchess, along with my recipe for her favorite cookies and some photos.  I have been feeding Dutchess and my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Holly, according to The Whole Pet Diet since October, 2007. Each has been thriving, and they relish the home-prepared food. People often comment on the softness of their coats, their trim appearances, and the fact that–at nine and eight years old, respectively–they look like adolescents (except for a few gray hairs). Many people are surprised that Dutchess–a Golden Retriever–has not shown any signs of joint inflammation, noting the frequency with which this problem afflicts members of the breed. Her teeth are in suberb condition, and she has the energy of a much younger dog. The only serious medical condition that she has had has been pigmentary uveitis, an inherited condition that necessitated the surgical removal of her eyes. Despite her lack of vision, she continues to thrive, and I am certain that the nutritional support that she receives, as based on your book, has been a significant factor in her excellent health. Thanks for your book and web site! I look forward to your next book. – Best regards, Mark Condon

Hi Andi,
I was very impressed with your book and so thatdecided to do your method  I would have peace of mind that I’m doing the right thing for my dog. He absolutely loves your recipes and it’s easy enough for me to prepare. I’m happy to do it and he eats every bit in his bowl. He licks the bowl clean and it’s funny to watch him go play and then come back again to the bowl to see if there is anything he may have left behind. The only thing that is obvious to me is that he seems to have more energy to play and he’s more affectionate as if he’s grateful I’m giving him better food. I do thank you for this and much continued success, you deserve it.

I just wanted to thank Andi Brown for the best book ever written, wow do my dogs love their new vittles. Our two toy poodles were not eating and we tried everything at the pet stores and food from the Vets office and nothing worked. I was listening to NPR radio and heard a interview with Andi Brown, bought THE BOOK, read it and what a change. They eat everything. They feel better, look better and no more problems eating. I just wanted thank you Andi Brown; you’re the greatest. If you ever need me to testify to the wonders of your book please feel free to contact me. Thanks again.
– Mike & Andrea Pollice

Hi Andi,
Just wanted to let you know Zoey had her vet visit this last week and has lost 4 pounds! (Most of it since she’s been on the Whole Pet Diet). He suggested three more pounds for her spine to be healthy. She’s not had medicine for 10 days now and is very playful so that’s a sign she’s feeling better. Our vet has no problem with us cooking all of Zoey’s meals, and he was surprised she loved raw vegetables anyway. We are very happy with her progress. I’m happy I discovered your book. Thanks!
– Linda and Zoey

Dearest Andi:
My almost 14 year old daschund has lost weight and improved greatly on your diet! What a lifesaver for my dear beloved dog! Your fan for life
– C. Morrison

Hi Andi!
I have bought, read and love your book The Whole Pet Diet (though not nearly as much as my toy poodles!!!!) I am now cooking for them and they are so happy! My older poodle, Chloe, has had her coat, return from the “aging” silver color towards her original color of black (she is 9). She is also much more active and playful! They both love the Salmon and Veggie Patties and I was wondering if you could tweak the recipe so that I could make it a meal rather than just a snack? Thank you so much for caring about dogs and cats enough to write your book!! Best regards.
– L. Sherrill

Hi Andi,
First I want to say thank you for creating your recipe, (Spots Stew) and for putting together your book to share with all of us pet lovers! I found you by searching on line…my dog “Sweetie” has been over weight and I tried for 3 years to find the right food to get her back to her normal self it was all dried food, hence…nothing worked, (She is a small Lhasa Apso 11.5 years old, weighing in at 22 pounds she should be about 15-17 pounds) it was affecting her joints, she couldn’t go up and down stairs and would cry, because she wanted me to come get her. Well, I bought your book, and since June 20th I have making your “Spots Stew” for her and our 2 other dogs( Buddy a Border Collie 8 years old, and Chelsea part Sheppard/collie 10 years old) and Sweetie is losing weight, and has more energy and is now running up and down the stairs on her own! She always wants to play, and is very happy…and she just can’t get enough of the stew!!
– D. Sweetman…and Chelsea :)

I have read your book and was really excited to get started so I am making the stew for my 12 yr old sheltie and my 8 year old min pin. It has been 2 weeks and I have seen so much difference in my sheltie I am astounded! One change that I saw in the min pin is that he had a small knot on his side and it seemed to disappear overnight which was great! Thank you
– Diane

Hi Andi-
I made the Liver Treats for my dog over the weekend; Bullet likes them so much. I put one in the crate before I crated him this morning and he went right in to eat it and did not bark at all. I also fed him the celery stick with peanut butter and two liver treats last night and I guess that Bullet was full and he slept through the night. This is the first time he slept through the night and did not have any accidents since we got him a month ago. All my friends are watching for my experiment with my dog. Actually I just e-mailed my sister’s sister-in- law about your book. Her dogs are old and having lots of health issues. I recommend your book to her and urge her to start the diet right away so she can save her dogs. I will keep you posted on the progress of Bullet. Thank you again.
– Sally

Hi Andi!
We are successfully implementing our fitness and nutrition programs with several clients and achieving impressive weight loss numbers! At our urging, some of our clients have incorporated the home-cooked Spot’s Stew recipe into their nutrition program and have seen and commented on the spectacular improvements in skin and coat, gas, bowel movements, breath and energy levels…we love it! We also recommend your book regularly to potential clients and people we talk to at our Foundation’s activities and events. YAY, YAY and YAY! Thanks so much for all you do! Look forward to talking to you soon. !
– XXO Melissa

Hi Andi;
I ordered your book not long ago in frustration trying to help one of my dogs. I thought the other was beyond hope. I have a Bouvier he was supposed to be a show dog. He was so beautiful until he got a year old, then he started having allergy problems, scratching and digging all the time. He had these huge soars on his body all the time, his ears were all the time bloody and raw. We would take him to the vet, and he would say he is allergic to the food, give him a shot, antibiotics, drops for his ears and send us on our way. The shot would only help for about a week if that, the vet would only give it once a month, and wanted him to stay on antibiotics all the time. I knew that wasn’t good for him at all, and it also gave him constant run offs. He would go all over the house because he couldn’t hold it. So, we stopped the antibiotics. In the last year, this once beautiful dog has went to hairless, with huge soars all over, eyes with major discharge and ears that were all the time bloody and looked like they had molded. And smell, he smelled of rotting flesh. He gets baths almost every day and he was so soar you couldn’t even pet him. He looked so bad, I was even embarrassed to take him to the vet, I had talked to another vet and he said pretty much what you have been saying in your book; however he didn’t say anything about cooking for him. By the way, I had even tried hypoallergenic dog food that cost $50 for 10 lbs, that didn’t last long at all, with no luck.

My other dog that I thought was no hope for, is an adopted Greyhound, when we got her she had a bladder infection so bad. We had to take her to another vet for a second option and he ran some tests on her and found she had this infection for so long that there was scar tissue in her bladder. That is some of the horrors of racing dogs. He gave us some antibiotics to help with the infection but told us she would have problems for the rest of her life controlling her bladder. So, we got potty pads put them all over the house and take her out when we are home.

I started this diet you suggested a little over two weeks ago. I ran out of the dog food I was feeding at the time, (my 50th different type to try and help, which it did seem to help some but all dogs had bad run offs). So, I started in middle of week one that you suggested just using the oil blend. I was about to give up on it and then I thought no, I’m going to stick with this. The vet said it would take at least six weeks of one food to help. We had been seeing little help with my Bouv. His skin didn’t have the red and black color to it any more, he was still digging badly and everything else was bad. My Grey she had stopped urinating all over the house and seemed to be getting to a regular schedule.

Well, this morning the diet made me a believer. While Koalie’s skin and hair still doesn’t look good, he is growing some hair. His ears are almost completely cleared up, I’m not putting antifungal stuff on them anymore, they are starting to get color to them, and his eyes have ever little discharge. He is still a work in progress, but he is showing signs of doing better. I’m tickled.

Now for yet another testimonial. My mother-in-laws cat, she moved over here and her cat started doing the same thing Koalie has done, losing his hair and huge soars all over him. She was getting ready to have him put to sleep he looked so bad. I got this book and read some of it, I talked her into trying this diet, while she is doing a little different, Pat, and her cat is doing much better. He is not completely out of the woods, he still has some soars on him, not big ones, and not all his hair is back and it is rather dull looking, but in two weeks, he has made a dramatic improvement. She no longer gives him bought food. However with all these pet food recalls they have had in the past we have
both been a little scared to give store bought food.

At this time all my dogs are on this diet. I have three and one that is a part timer. (I dog sit when my mother is traveling with her work, the vet told her not to give her table food. I told her yesterday I was cooking for her dog and she went on how the vet said. I told her I didn’t have a choice as Koal is allergic to everything on the market. She didn’t say a word.) I also have one cat and her kittens that love the diet. I want to get my other cats on it, but taking things slow. I wanted to see how it affects Koalie before I went all full gusto.

I will be starting my cats on it soon. I know two will take to it great, one I will have problems with, but will work with him. Thank you so much for the book and helping my dog. He is a wonderful dog, and while he may not make the show ring at least hopefully he won’t freeze to death this winter, because he had no hair. I also don’t cry every night worried about him and not knowing what else to do.
– K. Smith

Andi and friends

Hi Andi,
I began cooking for my much loved terrier cross after a long battle with allergies, watching my poor dog restless and horribly uncomfortable, constantly scratching and chewing. When I tied the ‘conventional’ approach and consulted her vet, all we got was a prescription for prednisone. So I read The Whole Pet Diet and realized how easy it would be to prepare Ella’s food. I also add the Beautiful Coat oils to her delicious stews and turkey meatballs. I also started making a healthy biscuit after reading other biscuit labels, hmm, not so chock full of nutrients as they claim. Life is so much better watching Ella bounding joyously through life again, no more skin problems, just a sweet smelling gorgeous dog; this is just in a week!!!!. Andi, can’t thank you enough for your inspiration, keep up the good work. Blessings and good health to you and your ‘family’.
– Cathy

Dear Andi,
Hello again. I had written you several months ago about my dog Molly. She was having back problems and had the mange. I am happy to say that her back has not had a problem in months, and the mange seems to be resolved. Thanks for the help!
– M. Mountain

Hi Andi!
I bought your book last Oct. and it pretty much saved my dog. I have a 3 yr old female spayed black lab named “Morgan” who was very overweight and we discovered she had severe hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis and arthritis in her back. She needed to lose weight fast. I am a veterinary tech of 14 years and only knew about science diet Rd. Then I saw your book, started her immediately on your diet and supplements. She was 97 lbs and now is 74 lbs. She is doing fantastic!!! I recommend your products to everyone I talk to. She looks great, has no ear problems or skin problems. Everyone asks how I keep her hair so shinny and no fleas or ticks with no medication or weekly baths. (She’s lucky if she gets a bath every 4 to 5 months. She never smells or looks dirty.

I have 2 clients at work that started on your diet for allergies and are doing fantastic!!! Thank you for caring and letting people know they have options besides feeding their pets garbage. It makes a difference to have a happy and healthy pet!! Thank you,
– S. Schiff

My husband and I are true believers in your philosophy and recipes. We’ve seen a big difference in one of our dogs (we have 4 big dogs – so yeah, it’s a lot of cooking!). Anyway, Jake has suffered for about 2 years with itchy skin/allergies and we have gone to numerous doctors and specialists, but nothing has gotten to the root of the problem like your recipes. Medications have masked the issues and have helped temporarily but not like this. He’s a new dog and has never looked (or felt better, from what I can see)
-D. Driscoll

Hi Andi,
I am a mommy of a mini Australian labradoodle, and a beautiful albino cat. I started using your oils about 8 months ago and love them. My dog has allergies and I didn’t realize how well the oil worked until we ran out and it’s taken me a few weeks to make some more. Her scratching increased noticeably. Thank you.
– Jan, Copper and Cuddles

I love your book and have been feeding my three dogs the stews for about a year now. My Chow/Shepherd mix was overweight. With the diet and exercise she has lost about 20 pounds, but the vet said she needs to drop more. Thanks for your book … My dogs love the stews and my now 14 year old lab mix acts like she feels better than she has in years. The Chow/Shepherd mix used to pick at her food, and now she cannot wait to eat. She actually comes and barks at me if I am late in fixing it. It makes me feel good to know I am doing all I can to make them healthy. I am truly grateful.
– P. Unger

XOXO thank you. I love how my 12 year old dog is doing, She has hardly any white compared to other dogs her age and color. You have been a blessing to us.
– Sophia

Dear Andi,
I want to thank you so much. Early last year, my dog Venus (now 12) was in poor health with bad teeth, arthritis and colitis. The vet removed 8 of her teeth and told me he would have to remove the rest this year. I know she can do fine without them but she is a dog. I want her to have her teeth!

I read your book and started her on your Beautiful Coat formula, introducing the stew after a few days. I cook it twice a week and she loves it. Her whole health is totally transformed. THANK YOU! No more colitis, no more arthritis and her coat is gorgeous. I give her minimal treats: a tablespoon of grated parmesan, a little home-baked liver and I also give her your freeze dried chicken treats too.

Two days ago she went for her annual checkup and the vet could NOT get over her coat! He kept stroking her fur, and asked me what I am feeding her. Today, she went for a teeth cleaning and he removed one small, broken tooth – not all of them. He was impressed and amazed and said she is in sparkling health. Thank you again, I just wanted to tell you how grateful we are!
– AJ and Venus Llewellyn

Dear Andi Brown,
Hi, I just wanted to thank you again for listening and for your help this fall with Roosevelt; and most of all for encouraging me to listen to my heart and follow my instincts. He is to me, the most wonderful dog in the world and he amazes me every day with his capacity for empathy and humor. Your book and the stew have changed our lives for over a year now. Hope things have been well for you. I have enjoyed corresponding with you.
– Kamala

Dear Andi, How are you? Hope all is well. We would like to update you with Amigo’s symptom. Amigo has been eating wet food with the oils and mashed green papaya since last time I talked to you. He has been doing a lot better. I took him to the vet last week and tumors were smaller and smaller so the vet canceled the surgery. Lucky Amigo :) Thank you very much for all your knowledge and suggestions. Best Regards
– Supang

Dear Andi,
I’m sending you the whole thing again, just to keep it “sorted” as I’m sure you get much email. I just wanted you to know that Max has indeed done well on Spot’s Chicken stew – his coat, skin, breath and vitality are improved, literally 100%! His intermittent diarrhea is no longer present! My vet has been very supportive and delighted to see the changes in Max. I’m pretty sure his arthritis is improving, as well; he’s walking very steadily and enjoying his walks more. Gets a hitch in his “get-a-long” occasionally, but rarely limps now. He’s still an old dog, but he obviously feels, looks and smells so much better! I just want to thank you so much for your book it has made a huge difference in his quality of life! He just FEELS so much better, has so much more enjoyment in life – and that is what is really important. I don’t know, really, how much longer we’re going to have him around, but I wanted you to know that you have made and a difference for him – and for us. It’s a great thing to see him looking about, one-eyed and all! – with his old alertness and vigor. Just to watch him enjoying his walks, rolling in the grass, sniffing and snorting, eating with relish and gusto – that’s incredibly satisfying, especially after all he’s been through. So, thank you a million times for writing your book. Making his food, as I’ve told the vet when he pointed it out, is indeed a lot of work, but when you can see the changes we’ve seen – how can it not be worth it?

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know how he’s been, and how well he’s doing. We wish you all the best! Keep up the good work! Max sends his fondest regards, as do we! Sincerely
– G. Hassett

Holiday on the dock

Hi Andi,
I just wanted to give you an update on Hunter (basenji) that you had suggested I feed him the organic plain yogurt to help with the acid buildup in his stomach rather than using Pepcid as prescribed my numerous veterinarians. Just to remind you, Hunter was throwing up at least 5 mornings a week. Eating some grass to help to bring up the acid. I was having a problem with it being winter and the grass being covered. I am very happy to say that all the vomiting has stopped. It’s been at least 2 months and I think he may have vomited 2 or 3 times. He wakes up feeling good and can’t wait for breakfast. Before he was waking up upset and needing to “graze” in the grass so to speak. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to you for this cure for him. It is so wonderful to see him feeling so good. God bless you and thank you so much. Thanks Andi for all your help over the years with keeping my precious Hunter happy and healthy.
– B. Pozarowski

Hi Andi,
My lovely friend Kealie’s dog Harley was at death’s door when she read my blog about you. Today, Harley is like a puppy again, thanks to you!! And of course to Kealie’s dedicated efforts. She just sent me the most awesome email and I asked her to send it on to you. I am CCing her so she knows I have contacted you. Love always, AJ and Venus (13 years old and thriving)

Hi, Andi,
My dear friend AJ Llewellyn asked me to send this on to you. It’s a copy of the email I sent him today in regards to my beloved fur baby.
– Harley

A bit of back story: Harley is a 9 year old shepherd mix who we inherited. He was welcome addition to our household as he was already a member of our family. The only sadness came from the fact that we lost a very dear friend when he came to us. A few months ago we were really worried, terrified actually by Harley taking a turn for the worst. He’s always been happy and spunky and an indoor dog. We only have the barest necessities set up outside for him as he spent most of his time indoors with us. We knew something was wrong when he refused to come inside. No matter what we did or what the weather was like we couldn’t get him to willingly come inside even when it was windy and raining outside. He wouldn’t play with us, didn’t really want to be petted and barked at anything that moved, but not in a protective way if that makes any sense.

A trip to the vet had no real answers at first. Blood work and more weight lost as his coat got duller and he barked at everything that even moved had us terrified that we would lose him as well within two years of Bob. Grief was discounted as it had already manifested before and he’d been doing well up until a couple months ago. It was finally thought that he was getting old and senility was what the problem was. I didn’t care; just tell me how to fix it. The dog food they wanted us to put him on, while expensive couldn’t be guaranteed to help him. I remembered reading AJ’s blog about his beloved Venus and I knew he’d understand my fear so I emailed him and he forwarded the recipe to me. The only addition our vet had was to sprinkle his servings
with Gingko Biloba. We’ve been faithfully making and serving the diet for him for a little over two months now and the improvement is so amazing. I have my beloved pet back again. Thank you, so much. You’re an angel! All our best!
– Kealie and Harley

P.S: I realized after reading through my already sent email that I had mis-quoted the amount of time Harley had been on the new diet. It has been only a little over one month. (Which in my opinion makes it even greater as he’s making such an amazing recovery). He greeted my husband at the door again today (yet another thing he wouldn’t do) and wanted to be petted. My hubby looked up at me and said, “It’s so great to have our Harley back!” So, again, thanks so much

Hi Andi!
My name is Anna, I’m 16 years old, and I live in Mexico, First of all, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful book, I have a golden retriever and I already fed her with a natural diet, but not yours. Since I started feeding her with your natural diet, it’s been amazing how she has improved!!!! I’m really grateful for this awesome book, and for all the research you
made. Thank you very much for your book!!!!
– Anna

Dear Andi,
I already finished reading the whole book and I’ve been amazed by the changes that still took place in my dog!!! You see, even after adding the EFAs and changing the diet, her coat especially around and in the tail, was very dull and dry. I even washed her with special shampoos and hair treatments but to no avail. Then, I started adding the Vita-Mineral Mix to her meals and the changes were almost immediate. Now, it has been a radical improvement in her coat especially in that part!! (Because the rest of her coat was precious) Now it is soft, shiny and wonderful!!

Also changes in her mood have been amazing!!! We didn’t notice at the beginning, because the changes took place gradually. Some friends that come over regularly and who know her very well told us that they noticed that she was almost completely different. They noticed that for a time she was sad, not willing to play, or even stand up. But the last time they came they told me: What’s wrong with Petra? She is now like a playful pup!!!!!

I think the pain she felt in her hips was terrible, and that obviously was the reason she didn’t wanted to play, run, or even stand up!! I know everything helped her, and it makes me ssooo glad she is happier, healthier, and with less pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thank you very much for your great effort in writing such a wonderful book!!! I’m sure you have helped many people, by helping their dogs! Again, thank you very much for your kindness in answering my mails!!! And thanks again for your book!!!!!
– Anna

Dear Ms Brown,
My 13 year old Daschund Amar was diagnosed with Pancreatitis last Aug. Following this he had a few seizures and partial blindness. He was tested for Cushing’s disease but the tests came out negative. His symptoms show he could be having a pituitary tumor with all the neurological deficits he has been having lately. Now he is completely blind. My vets gave up on him but I was not ready to give up on him. I bought your book and started cooking food for him using your ratio of 50%veggies 40% organic chicken and 10%whole grains that include brown rice and quinoa. He has come a
long way and has enjoyed eating his food for 6 months now.
Once again I thank u for your lovely book that saved my dear friend.
– K. Srinivasan

Hello Andi;
I’m here late at LAX awaiting my flight to go back to Colombia to see my little buddies. I have learned so much from your book!!! You have enlightened me to things I would have never known if I didn’t take a leap of faith and purchase your book! I find myself asking pet owners on the street “what type of food do you feed your dog?” then we engage in a great conversation and yes of course your awesome book comes up!

I thank you again for opening our eyes to a better healthier lifestyle for our beloved buddies! You have saved us from painful vet visits and most importantly the certain torture our dogs would have endured if we have not opened our eyes to proper nutrition and care! God bless you!
– Nicholas

Hi Andi-
Thank you for your complements. I did not cook for my previous pets because I did not know; the vet told me to give them kibbles but I was always wondering why the pets don’t eat the real food. Ever since I read your book; I cook them Organic grass feed chicken with about 6 different kind of organic vegetables. I do exactly you outline in your book. And hard work does pay off. They are healthy, happy and very playful. Thank you for writing the book to educate many pet lovers like me.
– Sally

I heard about your book at my local library about 2 years ago. I was at my wits end with my golden retriever and his skin problems. The vet was trying to tell me that Cipro was the only thing that would help Buddy and the sores he would get on his skin. I knew that something was wrong, but didn’t really know where to begin…until I read your book. I couldn’t believe the results after implementing the 8 week program! My groomer and vet wanted to know what I had done because not only did his sores clear up, but he lost 18 lbs and was a puppy again at 7 years old! He was just like Lucky, the golden in your book, but his coat wasn’t as bad as that yet! He is thrilled to eat now…which was a challenge before, because we always had to coax him with a dribble of whatever I made for dinner on his dry Iams kibble. Thank you so much for the valuable information that has changed his life! And Ours!! Thank you.
– E. Altieri

Hi Andi!
One weekend when I was home, in case there was any digestive disorder, I did as you suggested and just stopped the commercial food! Both my pugs are doing beautifully and they LOVE the stew. Thank-you so much for your book, it probably has prolonged their lives….
– Penny and pugs

Hi Andi –
Just an update so far…..We are off the kibble completely and we are now on an eating schedule that is working. Yay!!!!! My girls are doing great and my husband and I noticed today that even their coats are starting to feel different – almost silky (my dogs are Maltese and they are naturally soft but this is amazing!) All of the excess peeing has stopped and they have wonderful appetites. I won’t keep bothering you with my news but it is just so wonderful and I had to thank you again. I am so grateful that I picked up your book at the library and read it. I have even passed on the title of your book and the stew recipe to a friend who has an ailing cat and is looking for help. Thank you – a million times – thank you.
– Lisa =^..^=

I wanted to thank you so much for your advice and also for your unexpectedly quick reply to my original email. I have been using Vitamin C powder in my dog’s food. Taking your advice by lowering the dosage and adding some all natural plain yogurt to each meal has seemed to do the trick. He (my dog Petie) hasn’t eaten any grass at all for 3 days now! As you suspected, there have been quite a few significant improvements in Petie’s physical AND emotional health that I have noticed. His coat, of course, is just as soft as it was when I rescued him from the shelter at 7 weeks old – and he’s 11 years old now. He has always been a healthy dog compared to almost all I have known, and I assumed that the aches and pains he was experiencing from time to time were due only to his age. I was wrong. His energy and enthusiasm grow more every day it seems. When we walk now he has that youthful bounce in his step like he used to — he even tried to climb a tree yesterday while chasing after a squirrel. To watch him jump and run like that is truly a gift to me. His meal times now have turned into a fun daily routine for both of us, with me feeling the pleasure of expressing my love for his friendship by preparing his meals and watching him licks his lips as I do so. I know he appreciates it too because he does something now after every meal that he never EVER did before – no matter where I am in the house he comes to me and licks my hand or my leg and then looks up at my face. I know in my heart that he is thanking me. And my heart thanks you for giving me the information and confidence I needed to hopefully have many more years with my best buddy!!
– S. Mullen

Hi Andi.
A co-worker told me about the book and I have had my 7 year old golden retriever on the chicken stew since November, 2009. She has lost 15 pounds and is a puppy again. His coat is not oily anymore and is soft to the touch. No more heavy shedding. I’ve been recommending the book to anyone who will listen.
– D. Hughes

This book and recipes are amazing. Chelsea, my Aussie Shepherd Mix is even playing with her ball again. Thank you so much.
– J. Riggs

Andi –
Wanted to let you know I got the book and you are so correct! My poodle’s skin warts are decreasing-my Bichon is gaining weight-which he has not done since I got him 4 years ago. No more “diarrhea” type stools-they have clean butts!!!!! Thanks!! I am telling everyone about your book!

Hi Andi,
Dewey and I are progressing slowly. His diet is now completely holistic. Changed his treats to dried chicken, or yogurt, or carrots. He loves his new food and waits eagerly while I prepare it. I think because he had his health and allergy issues when we started the plan that his new regimen will take a while to fully click in. He has lost 18 lbs he was overweight. The Vet was very impressed with his holistic menu. His coat by the way is beautiful :)
– Olive

Good Afternoon Andi,
I purchased your book 3 weeks ago on the advice of my holistic vet and underwater treadmill trainer for my dog. Porter is a 12 month old Dogue de Bordeuax or a French Mastiff. I have attached his picture. He has multiple issues including skin irritations, shedding, dandruff, hip problems, possible nerve issues (Cauda Equina), difficulty gaining weight, and can be a lazy boy. We have tried different “premium” foods with him and not much has helped. I made my first couple batches of stew over the last few weekends and made a whole roaster full of the stew yesterday. Obviously with him being so large (120 pounds) he eats a lot of food. We have also started him on the blend of oils. I am amazed so far to this point. While he hasn’t started gaining weight, I can see and feel differences in his coat, his eyes, etc and is starting to show some true change. I have even seen his movement change and real energy from him. I am so hoping we are truly onto something here as we love him so much. We feed him the stew only in the morning and his evening meal consists of cooked meats, pureed vegetables, oils, yogurt or eggs, etc. If this works for the betterment of our boy, we will be so grateful to the knowledge you have passed onto us. Sincerely, S. Sutherland (Proud Dad to Porter)

I don’t know if you remember me but I am a friend of G. Waldron’s and I spoke with you over a year ago about my seizure dog, Rupert. You suggested that I buy your book (which I did off Amazon). I didn’t read it seriously enough at the time and could not find a small turkey. I did use a small chicken and began using your recipe for Stew. I have modified it a bit but essentially it is the same. Just to let you know, my Rupert was having seizures every five weeks and has now gone over three months without a seizure. He has had his medication modified and we do have difficult times during the full moons, having to medicate him a little extra some of the time. The only variable other than the extra part of a small pill is his diet. I just wanted to let you know what had happened with Rupert and his diet. I am giving you much credit!!!
– Deb

Andi –
I cooked the shrimp and egg treat for my dog yesterday, and immediately cooked it for myself. Then I had it again for breakfast today. It is delicious! Snowball also loves the stew. Thank you for your book.
– Rosemary

Dear Andi,
Feeding homemade food to Vora was proving quite confusing. Then I read your book. Simple, easy, and with proven success. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish you much success in whatever you do. A grateful reader.
– Edith

Our sweet basenji girl Star has been diagnosed with pancreatic insufficiency and is on a supplement to help her digest food. She is loving the Stew and gobbles it up! She has now gained a pound and we are hopeful she will be gaining more. Thanks for the book. It has helped us to keep her healthy with ease and fun!
– Jeanette

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