The Experts Say…

The Experts Say

“Andi Brown writes from the heart with years of experience to her credit. Her information is logically developed, and her advice is clearly presented. This book empowers you to take control of your animal’s health”.
– ANITRA FRAZIER, author of The New Natural Cat

“If you believe like Andi Brown does that pets are integral to the family as they are to the ebb and flow of life, then this book will dramatically improve the health and vitality of all your four-legged family members”.
– DR. MARTY BECKER, veterinary contributor to Good Morning America
and author of The Healing Power of Pets

“The Whole Pet Diet is a must-read for any pet owner”.
– ANN MARTIN, author of Protect Your Pet and Foods Pets Die For

“Andi Brown is on a mission to bring the best health to every pet using one of the most fundamental and important of medicines: good, wholesome food.”

“Bravo to Andi Brown, who makes animals happier, sweeter smelling and less itchy without hurting the environment and without animal tests.”
– INGRID NEWKIRK, President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


About The Holistic Pet Plan

Changing your pet’s food shouldn’t be just a temporary measure to help it through an illness; it’s a lifetime prescription for health. Consider this all too common situation: A pet is gravely ill, and the veterinarian prescribes cooking chicken and rice, or beef and rice. The anxious and hopeful pet owner races home to make these prescribed meals and endeavors the process for a week or two. On their next trip to the vet, the pet is pronounced well and the vet instructs the owner to go back to the original food, which again triggers the problem. But this only perpetuates a downward health cycle. Why not feed the same high-quality, real, wholesome, and healing food as the pet’s steady diet, every day of their life? Why should they eat great food only during times of sickness or disease? Why shouldn’t our pets be eating healthfully every day to promote optimum vitality, and wellness?

With over 25 quick and easy recipes for home cooked meals and treats, and a guided weekly journal to track your pet’s progress, this book is a must for anyone who’s ever wondered how they can have a healthier pet, and help avoid the use of costly drugs or surgery.

Awaken your own inner, sensible pet. You’ll learn the secret of making better choices to enhance your pet’s life and tap into their own natural healing powers. Find out how thousands of happy pet owners have made changes in their pet’s lifestyle and achieved new vitality to create the pet of their dreams. There’s not a dog or cat in the world that won’t benefit from this eye opening book. Treat your pet to the best life possible, and become the healing artist you were meant to be!

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