Cat Testimonials

Cat Testimonials

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your book about one month ago to help my mother’s cat. Like many cats you describe in the book, “Puss” was never healthy from day one. She sheds hair, throws up daily and always has diarrhea. About three weeks ago we started her on the stew and the Vitamix. The results are nothing short of a miracle! She no longer throws up, has stopped shedding and best of all, her stools are firmer now.
– C, McNeill

Dear Andi,
Thank you for a great read and a lot more info and encouragement on taking care of my cats holistically. I hope your book inspires people to cook for their pets. I started doing so in June of this year and the change is amazing. My cats look beautiful and they have much more energy. Their fur is very soft and I can’t say enough about the benefits of all natural diet.
– S, York

Hello Andi,
Normally I am not one to give a testimonial but the change in our 3 year old cat Bootsie, since I have switched to your diet is truly amazing. Bootsie was a confirmed kibble cruncher. I fed her the best organic kibble money could buy. We are a 3 pet household with one 2 year old red Cattle dog, and 2 cats ages 14 and 3. I have always made our dogs food. Cooper eats a combination of raw grass fed beef, raw chicken, plus homemade Spots Stew. The 13 year old was eating a combo of kibble and homemade. But, Bootsie would eat nothing but kibble. She was grossly overweight, smelly, grumpy and had painful spots along her spine and would bite, if you touched her tummy. Her life was one of grumpy inactivity. When I switched to the whole pet diet, she hardly ate anything the first 10 days of the diet change. I did give her ample amounts of chicken broth that is all she would eat. She was so hungry she managed to unscrew the lid on a gallon glass jar to get to the kibble. It was hard to watch she was licking food off dishes in the sink, any food left out on the table unattended was attacked, but still she would not eat the stew.

Well we are 6 weeks into the diet and she is a completely different animal. She eats her stew with gusto and looks forward to breakfast and dinner. The most remarkable change is her personality; sweet smelling and sweet tempered, playful affectionate and loving. I cannot believe she is the same cat. She is half her original size. I have used homeopathy/holistic medicine for my family and furry friends (horses, chickens, ducks, cats and dogs) for 18 years. I am a believer in whole organic food as medicine. But I have never seen such a miraculous change that has impressed me as much as the change in Bootsie. People think I am nuts for making my pets food. But I will never go back; the evidence is too compelling, as Bootisie reminds me every day.

I hope your book inspires and helps pet owners make these important connections between food and health. Our vet recommends the Stew to clients. She was delighted to hear that you have written a book. She can now recommend the book to her clients that have an interest in making their pets food.
– Best Wishes, W Sale

Thanks Andi!
Final holdout kitty is coming around, thankfully. I had started adding the stew, a tablespoon or so at a time, in a puddle on top of her Fancy Feast a couple of days ago and it did work. Also, tried some of the peppermint oil with castile soap, well diluted, on a 10 week old kitten I had gotten for a friend and it worked great. Thanks again, I appreciate your generosity with answering my questions.
-B Perry

Hi Andi,
I just wanted to thank you for your book “The Whole Pet Diet”. I am learning so much, but I’m afraid I found your book too late for my 15 year old Beagle, Ruby Tuesdae. I lost her in August to mammary Aden carcinoma. Losing her was like losing a child, and I’m still not over the loss, and maybe never will be!

The more of your book that I read the more I’m learning that I could have possibly prevented her cancer with a more nutritious and balanced diet. Like so many of the people you write about in your book, I too thought I was doing the right thing by feeding her (and my other dogs) the best (and most expensive) foods on the market. I usually do not fall prey to bogus advertising, however, the more I read the more I feel that as a consumer I was misinformed and mislead, and as a result it cost me my dog’s life.

I still have two other Beagles, a sixteen year old, and a two year old as well as an 8 month old cat (a beautiful black tortoiseshell stray that adopted me). I made Spot’s Chicken Stew for the first time this weekend. I’m happy to say that both my beagles, as well as my new cat all devoured their new food without any coaxing or bribing!
– G. Bailler

My mother-in-laws cat that also had the same problems as Koalie is now, completely better, he has hair all over him now, he is also driving her crazy as he is just like a kitten again. J She has thanked me several times for talking her into trying this diet rather than letting her put him down. He has never really developed like a normal cat should, he is over a year old and just now reaching maturity and he has never purred in his life, however you know he is happy by the way he acts.

Dear Andi,
I have purchased your book “The Whole Pet Diet”, and have made your stew for my cats. I cannot believe that every one of my cats will eat it! So thank you very much for sharing that recipe – – D.Bialko

Dear Andi,
First let me thank you so very much for writing The Whole Pet Diet. While I can’t say that any of my four cats are in dire straits, none of them are exceptionally healthy. One is obese, another is too fat, another has a very delicate system and a few months ago recovered from a urinary tract infection and was so constipated this morning than he had a vomiting episode and I thought we would be making an emergency vet visit, the st one is also too fat and chronically limps in both front feet (we assumed due to a poor declawing job – done by her previous owner) and sheds her weight in dry fur.

We have completed the first week of your program and the improvement is dramatic in their coats! Their coats are soft and glossy and most of the shedding has stopped. I’m so impressed I have the whole human part of the family taking an oil supplement now also. After this morning’s constipation episode I threw out all their very dry (Pet Promise Healthy Weight and Aging) cat food. I made the Stew. Thank you so much again for ur good work on behalf of our beloved animal family members!
– G. Beanne

About two months back I came back from a trip and found my 16 -1/2 year-old male tuxedo cat, AJ, near death. Unfortunately, my neighbor kept thinking he was just being fussy about eating. As it turned out, AJ had not eaten for three days, and by the time I came home he could not keep his head up. He kept crawling away from me that night. After rushing him to the vet the following morning, tests showed he had advanced pancreatitis. He was hospitalized for about four days. AJ never had a sick day in his life so I was upside down. As I was talking to the vet about using a feeding tube to stimulate his appetite, I s blown over by this feeling to STOP everything. I told them I would be taking AJ home that day and would make his last days comfortable. I had purchased your book about a month prior to all this. I had noticed he wasn’t as playful and he isn’t climbing the stairs to the loft any longer….probably the beginning of the disease…so I was curious about trying alternative care and feeding for him. On the way home from the hospital, I bought everything needed for the Chicken Stew. Two months later AJ is still pushing along. The vet is always surprised to see him alive when we go for follow ups. AJ went from a healthy 12-pound cat to a 7 – 1/2 pound cat. Just this week I gave him some unsweetened organic pumpkin because he was so constipated. Thank you! It has worked miracles. I will now add that to his daily diet. I am now going to start him on Vitamin C. He is still frail and sometimes stumbles; however, he is eating well and is pain free. I wish I could get his energy back and he could gain weight. He also seems to be constantly cold. I realize he is an older cat, but I feel if I could get him past this hurdle he’d make a pretty good come back since he has always been in excellent health. Any tips would be great. Thanks so much for your helpful book.
Regards, D Pezzi & AJ

Cat Testimonials

We have three cats: Obo, a giant street tom of undetermined age (close to eight or nine we estimate) who came in one day and refused to leave, and Pebbles and Shellfish two tiny girls aged two and three respectively. All of them had problems. Obo and Shellfish were overweight, Pebbles was underweight. Obo was vomiting all over the house, had the beginnings of arthritis, and an extremely greasy coat. He cried every time he used the litter bin. Both of the girls had behavior issues: Pebbles lived in the basement, and Shellfish hissed at everything that moved. All of the cats were desperate thieves who would steal food at any opportunity. Not a day would go by without the waste can being overturned across the carpet. Shellfish in particular would eat anything (including paper and plastic); try telling your teacher that the cat ate your essay! Every piece of paper in our house had teeth marks down the sides. I realize now that they were slowly starving on their commercial diet.

All of that has ended. Obo hasn’t vomited once since we introduced him to the chicken stew three months ago. He used to walk stiffly and behave like an old, old cat, so different from the vibrant stray who forced his way into our lives. Now he’s got that old energy back, plus some more. He’s like a ten! Though he sounds like an elephant when he runs up and down the stairs. Shellfish has stopped terrorizing the other cats (and us!), and Pebbles has come out of the basement and turned into a perfect lap cat (though she’s still a bit skittish, a work in progress, but I’ll never forget the first time she let me pet her). Thank you so much!

Dear Andi,
I bought and have read your book “The Whole Pet Diet” and it has been such a help to me in making my cats lives healthier and happier. Thank you for such a wonderful resource for caring pet owners. Thank you.
– J. Swafford

Hi Andi!
It was great to meet you last night, and listen to your talk. Hit me right between the eyes your comment about “people food vs. pet food” that it’s still FOOD. Duh, never thought of it that way. Going to work on our diets over here. You probably get lots of stories, but one stands out for me and now makes total sense- my cat was dying of thyroid disease and stopped eating altogether (the ‘prescribed’ food) so I took him to a new vet, an old school guy, he told me to feed my cat whatever it would eat- cheese, milk, meat etc. I did and my cat started eating. I would never have considered such a simple obvious thing, real food! Thank you for enlightening so many with your hard work- can’t wait to finish the book!
– L. Presnail

Sebastian is doing quite wonderful…have not seen a hair ball in months and he is eating well.

Hello Andi,
Thank you for the compliment and I wish to share my story with EVERYONE EVERYWHERE! All should know and a RED FLAG WARNING to stay away from all commercial pet foods! I even feel like sitting out in the parking lots as people come out with bags of pet food and stop them and tell them everything making them realize how much they DO love their pets and what they are killing them with, also handing them a pamphlet about your book and websites with all of the helpful info they need to be convinced, and my reward is to see them march back into the store and get their money back, and go into the grocery store and come out with fresh meat and veggies instead!!! Then I would see another life saved — all for my cat that made us aware of the junk we did not know about. Rascal and You taught us. Now we really feel bad and feel we are to blame for his death d that makes me want to do something about it. Thank You SOO MUCH!! Will talk to you soon ok?
– The Joyce Family

I recently picked up the book The Whole Pet Diet and read it cover to cover with great interest! I cooked a batch of Spot’s Stew for our 12-yr-old dog and 12-yr-old cat. Our cat Frisky is much more particular. They really love the freshly cooked food the best! (No surprise) They circle around underfoot and meowing waiting for the food. The dog drools waiting!! I am hoping it really helps joint issues, dry scratchy skin for our cat, and dry coat/shedding for both animals. I love that it is so healthy and whole food. This fits in with how we eat and what we like to do. I am so excited – hoping for more tangible benefits, and I am keeping a journal. Thanks for your most excellent product!
– C, Slabaugh

Good News! I just wanted to drop a line and let you know my sweet Tuxedo I wrote you about has lost 1 pound this week. I have not given any dry food and have played with her every night. I am faithfully following your advice and just have one more question and I will not bug you anymore. I was wondering what is a safe weight loss per week? Is a pound to much? Thanks so much for your help!!! She seems much more alert and active.
-J Girard

I will try to make this as brief as possible: Three cats, middle cat Margie – five months of sudden-onset orange, soft, greasy, rancid stools (EPI-type stetorrhea). tested negative for EPI. Fed Wellness grain-free for a long long time. Switched her to the Stew recipe, Almost overnight her diarrhea stopped! I think she has a food sensitivity issue or something. My other two wanted the Stew too, so now I cook for them all. Margie is much, much better, but now only passes stool once every few days. I give her the oil mix and this seems to help, also a bit of pumpkin. Same is true of the third cat, 6 yrs old female, obese but losing weight slowly on the Stew, which is great. Thanks for your advice!
– P Holmes

Thanks Andi!
Final holdout kitty is coming around, thankfully. I had started adding the stew, a tablespoon or so at a time, in a puddle on top of her Fancy Feast a couple of days ago and it did work. Also, tried some of the peppermint oil with castile soap, well diluted, on a 10 week old kitten I had gotten for a friend and it worked great. Thanks again, I appreciate your generosity with answering my questions.
-B Perry

Dear Andi,
I’ve kept Simon on the Chicken Stew diet that I make myself, … I am pleased to report that I just had his kidney values checked…Creatinine and Bun levels have come down and are now slightly below what’s considered normal (this is really good) compared to the test I did in May. I’m so happy and thank you for all your help and advice especially to eliminate the grains. He has great energy…and looks beautiful
– Ros

Thanks for responding to my email. I made the turkey and liver soup this weekend and Flipflop seems to like that much better. Last night both cats were eating at the same time (it seemed like a miracle). Flipflop had one flavor and Snickers the other flavor. As long as they eat I don’t care if I have to make both kinds! I will keep you posted. Thanks for making this information available to all of us – it is a blessing!
– Linda

Hi Andi,
Thank you for all of the information! An update so far – I think that the fur of both of my cats feels softer, their skin (noses, foot pads, etc) seems moister, and they seem more energetic and playful. One of my cats had some inflammation on his gums, and this seems to be getting better too – yay! Currently they are getting homemade “dinners” (either the turkey or the mackerel recipes) with the vita-mix and EFAs added. On weekends we give them the mixture with some extra EFAs, extra calcium (ground up eggshells) and some cranberry extract. Thanks again for all of your help!
– Leslie Hello,

I have been utilizing your stew recipe and supplementation for our dog Mac and our cats for about 2 years. We saw a huge difference when we switched over and I am a true fan. Blessings,
– Sue

Hi Andi,
All is going well with the diet and we just added a 3rd cat from a shelter, who seems to be enjoying the food we make – yay! Thanks again! I tell everyone I know about your book!
– Leslie

Hi Andi, Wonderful hearing from you! I have signed up for the newsletter….I can hardly wait for your second book! Part of what makes your first book so great is that it’s spelled out in a way that’s doable!! I have purchased many pet diet books….only to get so overwhelmed that I end up not knowing in which direction to go! I feed some commercial, some cooked and some raw now….but would really like to get into a routine that gives everyone optimum nutrition…. I have 6 dogs and 6 cats!!…..will be making lots of meals!! There are health issues, too….Cushing’s and allergies….. Any advice would be much appreciated
– Cheryl

Hello Dear Andi
We live in Québec/Canada. We began to feed our young cats (now 4 months old) with homemade food. Your book is a great help and cooking your stew is really joyous and delicious. It’s very difficult to find a holistic veterinarian with good knowledge and experience about home-made food. They know and practice acupuncture or osteopathy or homeopathy.. but know quite nothing about the main foundation of life: natural food!!!. THANKS in advance!
– J. Laurencin and D. Piché and our so dear loving cats Chamanou and Amadou

Cat Testimonials

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