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Food is the foundation of life! See what other pet experts had to say about The Whole Pet Diet.

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Dog Lovers

There is nothing about the body that cannot be improved when we give it the right nutritional support.

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Cat Lovers

You may have to "fluff their food", but it will be worth all of the healthy years you will give them.

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Featured Testimonial

I was very impressed with your book and decided to do your method so that I would have peace of mind that I’m doing the right thing for my dog. He absolutely loves your recipes and it’s easy enough for me to prepare. I’m happy to do it and he eats every bit in his bowl. He licks the bowl clean and it’s funny to watch him go play and then come back again to the bowl to see if there is anything he may have left behind. The only thing that is obvious to me is that he seems to have more energy to play and he’s more affectionate as if he’s grateful I’m giving him better food. I do thank you for this and much continued success, you deserve it.


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