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3 Ways to NOT become your Vet’s Best Customer!

Posted By: Andi on Nov 04, 2012 in Blog, Important Tips for Dogs or Cats
jack getting shot copy

Want to see the vet for yearly check-ups only? Want to see a vital, healthy pet with boundless energy, great coat, clear skin, trim & toned, smells great and has every organ function perfectly? Countless people make monthly trips to their vet with their dogs or cats; without ever finding remedies, or even the cause …

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The Dog Liberator – The Rescue Group That Holds a Special Place in My Heart

Posted By: Andi on Oct 09, 2012 in Blog, True Pet Stories
The Dog Liberator

Everyone knows that “Doc” Holiday is the love of my life. Thanks to the amazing efforts of The Dog Liberator, he was able to be rescued on the eleventh hour from a kill shelter in Alabama. This group finds some of the most beautiful, well-mannered, adoptable dogs in the country, takes them into foster care …

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Tiger Lily’s Favorite Holistic Halloween Pumpkin & Liver Treats for Dogs

Posted By: Andi on Oct 07, 2012 in Blog, Recipes, Uncategorized
Tiger Lily's Favorite Pumpkin & Liver Treats

Pumpkin and Liver Treats by Rikki-Lee Schroder – Holistic Pet Chef Rikki-Lee has been an extraordinary Holistic Pet Chef for nearly a decade. She lives with her two lucky pups, Tiger Lily & Alaska, in their wonderful home in South Africa. Rikki loves to use ingredients when and where they are seasonally grown and available. …

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Biscuit’s Mom was Faced with A Life Changing Decision

Posted By: Alex Beinart on Oct 07, 2012 in Blog, True Pet Stories, Uncategorized
Christie's Biscuit, True Pet Story

Your holistic pet program saved my dog’s life! Biscuit is a five year old schnauzer and last month, while playing outside with a friend, he was hit by a car. I saw him get caught in a wheel and to my horror; he was then thrown fifteen feet. It was so awful. I ran as …

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Meet “Doc” Holiday…

Posted By: Andi on Aug 25, 2012 in Blog, Fun Pet Stuff, True Pet Stories
Holiday Going for A Swim in the Pool

Who is “Doc” Holiday? “Doc” Holiday is a magnificent Border Collie Mix. He was literally down on death row in one of those “kill shelters” deep in the heart of Alabama, with his two twelve week old siblings; Jangle and Jubilee. Fortunately for “Doc”, and Andi a wonderfully intuitive rescue group called The Dog Liberator …

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Sweetie.. A life worth remembering

Posted By: Andi on Jun 25, 2011 in True Pet Stories

On Jan 11, 2011 5:30 PM, “Andi”  wrote: Hi.  On Saturday night, my Sweetie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. I remember meeting her back in 2000, as she darted wildly through the old warehouse parking lot.  She was confused, dazed, bewildered, bleeding, battered and bludgeoned.  It took a bunch of us to corral her.  Bravo …

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The Miracle Valentine Gift

Posted By: Andi on May 12, 2011 in True Pet Stories

I first had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Ms. Valen when Judy decided to bring her indoors and put a stop to her freewheeling days along Clearwater Beach. Valen was a seventeen-year-old calico kitty with the sweetest disposition and a purr so loud it could wake up the neighbors. Valen’s original family had just …

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