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Bravo To The Healing Pet Artist!


The Healing Pet Artist – Because I view great pet health as an art, and myself as a healing artist, I use a creative process similar to that of a painter. The minute anything seems out of balance with one of my pets, I pick up my paint brush, identify the problem, prepare the palette, …

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The Number One, Most Important Feeding Rule For Dogs or Cats

Posted By: Andi on Jan 14, 2013 in Blog, Important Tips for Dogs or Cats

Want to boost your pet’s immune system, slim your dogs or cats down naturally and support all of their organs to function better, by changing one simple habit? Then don’t forget the primary feeding rule. Make sure you remove all traces of your pet’s food, as well as their dishes after 30 minutes of feeding. …

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Don’t Let Your Pets Become A Statistic of Veterinary Care

Posted By: Andi on Nov 19, 2012 in Blog, Important Tips for Dogs or Cats
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Over $50 billion will be spent on our pets in the United States this year. Of that, $20 billion will pay for food, and over $14 billion will be spent on veterinary care. The pet insurance industry is a money-making monster; growing at a rate of 25% each year and projected to be $664 million …

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Andi’s Magical Solution to Skin & Coat Problems

Posted By: Andi on Nov 04, 2012 in Blog, Important Tips for Dogs or Cats, Recipes
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What to Expect: Dramatic changes in your pet’s skin and coat! You will notice less shedding and scratching and watch a dull coat begin to glow. Allergy symptoms become a thing of the past and you can be sure your pet is on its way to a life free of expensive and dangerous cortisone shots, …

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3 Ways to NOT become your Vet’s Best Customer!

Posted By: Andi on Nov 04, 2012 in Blog, Important Tips for Dogs or Cats
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Want to see the vet for yearly check-ups only? Want to see a vital, healthy pet with boundless energy, great coat, clear skin, trim & toned, smells great and has every organ function perfectly? Countless people make monthly trips to their vet with their dogs or cats; without ever finding remedies, or even the cause …

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Allergies & Skin Problems? Not anymore!

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Countless pet owners have contacted me about their dog or cat’s ongoing, chronic skin and coat problems. The usual description is described as allergies, excessive itching, scratching, shedding, loss of hair in patches, and skin conditions, sometimes resulting in “weepy” sores and lesions. Sadly, these symptoms are typically treated with cortisone shots and steroids, but …

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Best Pet Food Ever Made

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The best pet food that’s ever been made is totally natural, is produced in our USDA Kitchen and is good enough for humans to eat! “If I couldn’t eat it myself, or use it on my own body, my pets would never get it”. I’m Andi Brown, author of The Whole Pet Diet, and I’ve …

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Recipe For A Flea-Free Pet

Posted By: Andi on Aug 18, 2012 in Blog, Important Tips for Dogs or Cats, Recipes
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Healthy Pets Don’t Have Fleas! Holistic grooming isn’t just about fleas; it’s about achieving great health, beauty and cleanliness. Ridding your pets of fleas or ticks is a wonderful by-product of feeding them healthy food and supplements which help to boost their immune systems. A healthy coat and skin require real, nutrient-dense food, especially great …

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Andi Brown’s Exciting Holistic Pet News

Posted By: Andi on Feb 15, 2012 in Blog, True Pet Stories

So many people have been writing me over the last five years to express concerns about their pets’ health and the ongoing problems they’ve been facing. The most common conditions are allergies, digestive disorders, (vomiting and diarrhea), obesity, immunity problems, diabetes, chronic skin and coat problems and eye/ear issues. After much deliberation about what I …

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Andi’s Recipe for A Beautiful Coat for Dogs or Cats

Posted By: Andi on Sep 12, 2011 in Blog, Recipes

Shedding, Itching, Scratching, Allergies, Dull Coat and Dandruff? Your pets have been back and forth to the vet’s office for cortisone shots and steroids? There’s not a flea in sight, but your dog keeps digging, licking and biting at his paws all day long? You’ve tried all kinds of shots and medications and you’ve been told …

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