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DOC’S STEW: The healthiest version of my food for dogs & cats

Posted By: Andi on Sep 09, 2013 in Recipes, Uncategorized

The Whole Pet Diet Chicken Stew aka Doc’s Stew(r) – My Newest and healthiest updated recipe from my book Special note: use organic ingredients whenever possible 5 pounds Whole Chicken or Turkey (bones, organs, skin and all) Beef is fine too! 6 – 8 cups spring water – (just enough to cover the meat. let …

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Muffin: A Transformation In Front of Your Eyes!

Muffin Before After

Muffin was a very sad little rescue dog. At 14, it seemed that no one would want to adopt him. Muffin had lost almost all the hair down his back, had “weepy” sores, itched and scratched himself raw and couldn’t stop licking his feet. Muffin was the kind of dog we see all the time. …

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The Dog Liberator – The Rescue Group That Holds a Special Place in My Heart

Posted By: Andi on Oct 09, 2012 in Blog, True Pet Stories
The Dog Liberator

Everyone knows that “Doc” Holiday is the love of my life. Thanks to the amazing efforts of The Dog Liberator, he was able to be rescued on the eleventh hour from a kill shelter in Alabama. This group finds some of the most beautiful, well-mannered, adoptable dogs in the country, takes them into foster care …

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Holiday Holistic Pet Foods Are Making A Splash!

Holiday Holistic Pets Full Product Line

My newest line of healthy, holistic foods for dogs and cats has been flying out the door and we’re so excited. We’ve been working round-the-clock to make sure your orders are getting to you fast and we’re having so much fun fielding all the calls and letters about how happy your pets are to try …

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Solo’s Rescue & Recover Story With Ginger Betties

Posted By: Andi on Oct 24, 2011 in Blog, True Pet Stories, Uncategorized
labrador retriever jpg 600

From Solo to So Healthy! Solo was one of those really memorable father’s day gifts that Ginger gave Gary one year. After receiving a call from a good friend who always seemed to be rescuing some animal or another, Ginger was convinced that this stray dog’s street life should come to a halt and his …

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Maria DeRosa & Jordan The Aussie Rescue

Posted By: Andi on Aug 14, 2011 in Blog, True Pet Stories, Uncategorized
Jordan The Aussie Rescue Dog

For the love of Jordan  A few months ago, I was given Jordan’s Prize Panda to foster. Here’s his short story: He was a very sick dog who was starved, almost to death. Jordan is a 5 year old Australian Shepherd. They are supposed to be between 35 and 40 pounds.  Jordan was 17 pounds …

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