Andi's Paw Points

Andi’s Paw Points

This section is provided for you to help evaluate and elevate your pet’s current health levels. Each month we will address the most common problems and offer helpful solutions to keep you in tune with the latest in holistic care for the ones you love most!

Andi’s Summer Paw Point

Exercising with your pets can be both healthy and fun for you and your dog, but please be conscious that out in the hot summer heat. Your dog can suffer heat stroke, burned paw pads and dehydration. Make sure that you keep cool, fresh water at all times for your both of you. Dogs need the cool drink even more than you do because of their warm coats. I see so many well meaning pet owners trying to exercise their pets outside, but you’ll both feel a lot better if you keep your runs and vigorous walks on the shorter side in the heat of the day. Better yet… why not opt for the run/walk after the sun goes down. You’ll both be happier and healthier for it.

Feeding your dogs and cats well will often feel like a Thanksgiving Meal. Make sure that your pets are treated to a Thanksgiving feast every night. A balanced blend of meat (I like chicken and turkey best) along with equal parts of yummy vegetables will keep the ones you love healthy, happy and out of the vet’s office for the most common health problems. Paw Point rule number 1 is to always make their food yourself from the highest quality ingredients you can afford. Paw Point special note is to follow my favorite recipe from the Doc’s Stew collection. Here’s a link you can use to create a masterpiece for the Holidays and for every day!… Cheers! Andi

  1. ∙ Cold, winter months often bring on bouts of dry skin and coat for both dogs and cats.
  2. ∙ More shedding than usual is a natural occurrence, since the body is continuously rejuvenating itself and the body is naturally eliminating dead hair, and dry scaly skin in the form of waste.
  3. ∙ It’s important to pay particular attention to regular grooming, and a good brushing a few times a week will help eliminate loose hair, and bring natural oils to the skin, which helps to make a healthier, softer and shinier pet.
  4. ∙ Not only will your dogs and cats look and feel better, but you get to spend a few quiet minutes, dedicated to making the home a more harmonious place!
  5. ∙ The addition of oils and essential fatty acids (EFA’S) are especially critical during these months, and help to enhance the coat and skin and keep you house free from excessive hair balls and “float away” coats!
  6. ∙ The recipe for my favorite healthy coat supplement can be found in chapter one of The Whole Pet Diet: Eight Weeks to Great Health for Dogs and Cats, or click here.

Love your pets with wisdom!

Wishing you great health always,


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