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riley 6

Hi Andi,
I bought your book about two years ago and it transformed my old dog. It was amazing to see him go from overweight, smelly, itchy, and slobbery to a beautiful healthy happy boy. I am writing to let you know that I think you under emphasized the benefits of kelp. My local whole foods store stopped carrying the kelp. I initially thought, oh, I will order it online. Sometimes life gets in the way. I procrastinated about ordering it until I completely forgot about it. Everything else remained the same. I cooked his stew and added the oils and yeast. Then summer came. FLEAS, FLEAS, FLEAS!!!! I had never had a flea problem before. After weeks of fighting, crying, scratching, vacuuming, and researching, I finally won the fight against fleas. But, by this time the damage was done. My boy had bald spots, stinky spots, and the scratching just wouldn’t stop. The entire family was miserable.
Then one Saturday morning as I sat with my coffee and watched my dog scratch, I began to think about how the past two summers we had no fleas, no scratching. What was different? I thought about the kelp. Could it be???? I went online and began to research the benefits of kelp. “Reduces fleas….controls flea allergies and skin conditions”. WOW!!!! I went back to my whole foods store and begged for kelp. They didn’t have the powder but had some caplets (for humans). Since my dog is over 100 pounds I bought them. I went home, gave him a caplet and ordered the powder. Well what do you know….within a week all the scratching had stopped. No paw licking, no butt spinning, no chewing of the hind quarters.
I guess there is just so much stuff in the book that leaving one thing out seems insignificant. I carelessly left out a major ingredient that caused a nightmarish summer. Even after I eliminated the fleas, the scratching continued (while giving extra oils). The kelp made the difference.
have attached a pic of my old boy…just turned 12 years old!!! I would have never believed the change in diet would make such a difference. Before finding your book I was preparing to say good bye, he could barely walk. He now goes hiking with us!!! The kelp I am using comes from Only $7,00 for a pound. Shipping is really slow so order early!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Jackie and Riley

riley 6

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  • Christine Bolduc Jan 08, 2017 

    Hello Jackie,

    Your big boy Riley is gorgeous! I hope that he is still going strong and happy!!! He sure has a good mom!

    I am writing to you because I recently discovered Andi and all her good advice from her book and website. I am in the process of gathering all the ingredients to make the stew. My question to you is how do you manage to feed a 100 lb dog with this stew everyday??? you must have to give him, what, 10 – 12 cups a day for his size? I have 2 – 60 lb dogs and I cannot imagine having to make that stew almost every 3 – 4 days!!!

    How do you manage? Can you give me some suggestions???

    Many thanks, in the hope that you will get this message!


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