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The Whole Pet Diet

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^Ears to your pet’s good health

Ear Problems, Dirt, Wax & Odors? 


Keeping your pets’ ears clean and bacteria free is as essential to their good health, as feeding wholesome, natural foods.


Pets with long, floppy ears, such as cocker spaniels, beagles, and labrador retrievers are apt to need more attention than their “wolf-like” looking cousins, whose ears stand straight up. Ears that fold over tend to develop more problems because air can’t get in and bacteria tend to grow, so infections can develop. 


Regular grooming should consist of thorough ear checkups, so that you can also help to eliminate dirt, wax and odors.  If your pet shakes its head, digs in its ear with a back foot, or rubs its ears on the carpets and sofas, these are sure signs that something needs your attention.  Black specks in the ears may indicate ear mites, and an unpleasant odor is definitely a sign that there’s an issue. A conscientious owner observes and analyzes.  The sooner you detect a problem, the easier it will generally be to remedy it. 


I’ve found that most dogs and cats enjoy the added focus or caressing you place on their head, neck and ears.  For those of you who like to make their pets’ products, here is my recipe for an herbal ear wash to eliminate most any common ear condition, and you’ll find it easy to use.  The ingredients in this effective ear relief remedy are available in most health food stores. Check out my easy ear wash recipe below.


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Andi Brown

 -author of The Whole Pet Diet

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^PawPoints Tip...

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VITAL VITIES includes pure extract of alfalfa, beets, cranberries, blueberries, dandelion, kale, apples, carrots, pumpkin and much more! Delicious and human-grade quality, Deva's dog and cat formulas are cutting edge nutrition, proudly produced in the highest quality FDA facility. You will see a profound difference in your dogs and cats long before your first jar is finished. Let them know you heard about Vital Vities at The Whole Pet Diet! Click to visit Dr. Deva at Deserving Pets today.


Voyko’s Natural Herbal Ear Wash

Soothing, gentle, and easy to make. These wonderful herbs can be found at any health food store and will keep your pets out of the vet’s for most any problem ear condition!

 >>>Get the Recipe 


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^Ears to your pet’s good health

^PawPoints Tip...

^Recipe:Voyko’s Natural Herbal Ear Wash

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^Connect with Andi




^RESCUE: Tales from the Crate


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Janet Synnestvedt Rohrer

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