• portfolio_wtsp

    WTSP Channel 10

    Andi describes the real ingredients found in pet food.

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  • portfolio_gma

    Good Morning America

    Andi Brown appears on ABC’s Good Morning America to talk about holistic pet food.

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  • portfolio_bloomberg

    Bloomberg Television

    Andi Brown appeared on Bloomberg Television to push the benefits of holistic pet foods. Yes, Erickson even tries her stew..

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  • portfolio_totellthetruth

    To Tell the Truth

    Andi Brown, founder of Holiday Holistic Pets appeared on the game show “To Tell the Truth”. The Show was hosted by Seinfeld’s Mr. Peterman who takes a moment to share her stew with his 4-legged friend.

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  • portfolio_montelwilliams

    Montel Williams Show

    Andi Brown visits the Montel Williams Show to talk about her holistic pet food. Montel takes a bite of her stew and wholesome treats!

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  • portfolio_2020

    ABC’s 20/20

    Andi Brown, Holistic Pet Pioneer on ABC’s “20/20” with John Stossel in 1990.

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