Andi’s Recipe for A Beautiful Coat for Dogs or Cats

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Shedding, Itching, Scratching, Allergies, Dull Coat and Dandruff? Your pets have been back and forth to the vet’s office for cortisone shots and steroids? There’s not a flea in sight, but your dog keeps digging, licking and biting at his paws all day long? You’ve tried all kinds of shots and medications and you’ve been told that it’s just an “allergy: and that lots of pets have them? Well, if any of these scenarios sound like your household then this next recipe is a must for every dog and cat. In five to ten days you can STOP THE MADNESS!

I can honestly tell you that the real cause of the problem is rarely addressed and will continue to manifest unless you understand how our holistic approach addresses the cause and not just masks the symptoms.

First of all, the typical culprit is usually dry food. Remember that the reason they call dry food “dry”, is because it’s all dried out. The skin dries out, the coat dries out and the digestive system dries out. It’s just that simple. Pet food makers cook and process their ingredients as such high temperatures that they wind up cooking out the beneficial fats and oils that are so critical to healthy skin and coat.  What we know is that the skin is the largest organ of the body. It is also an eliminative organ and will struggle to release the toxic waste from the body (chemicals and toxins). You might never even know if there are chemicals or preservatives in the so-called natural foods you may be buying, unless you’re actually having the food tested through a food science laboratory. Sadly, pet food makers are notorious for not declaring certain ingredients on their labels. If the pet food maker buys their meats, grains or vegetables with preservatives already in it, as long as they don’t add it themselves at the packaging point, they don’t have to declare it on the label. Lots of pet companies actually hide unscrupulous ingredients in their products and many people are fooled into thinking that they’re feeding a better quality food than they really are.

So what can you do? Well, of course I have always recommended feeding a healthy, homemade stew diet to begin with. For those of us who are “time challenged”, now there’s nothing better than my own Doc’s Stew (in a can, already made as if you had made it yourself!). But even if you can’t, but hopefully you are; here is a wonderful supplement that will supply all the ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS, along with Vitamins A, D and E, which are so important to promote healthy skin and coat.

Here’s how to make it:

Andi’s Best In Coat Favorite Recipe Makes 8 ounces

3 ounces of wild salmon oil
1 ounce of extra virgin olive oil
1 ounce of cod liver oil
1 ounce of wheat germ oil
1 ounce of coconut oil
1 ounce of flaxseed oil
1 inch sprig of rosemary, or ¼ teaspoon dried rosemary

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender or food processor and pulse for 30 seconds. Pour into a dark or opaque glass bottle or jar and seal tightly. Store in the refrigerator for freshness where it will keep for about 2 months. Serving sizes are based on body weight; use the dosage recommended below and thoroughly mix it into your pet’s food at every meal.

Pet’s Weight        – Amount of EFA BlendBest in Coat
2 to 11 pounds      – ½ teaspoon
12 to 25 pounds    – 1 teaspoon
26 to 50 pounds    – 2 teaspoons
51 to  100 pounds – 1 tablespoon

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  • Cristin Sep 16, 2011 

    Thank you so much for this recipe! Being a groomer and coming across all types of skin issues in dogs/cats, I am always looking for a good healthy skin product to recommend to my grooming clients. This makes it soooo much easier and less expensive for them.
    Kudos to you for all of your hard work and for sharing the wonderful recipes. I have had your book for years and love referring back to it.

    • Andi Sep 16, 2011 

      Thank YOU Cristin. It is for the wonderful, conscious, caring people like you, and their amazing pets that I have worked with so long to help get the real information out to the world. Everyone needs to know that they CAN have healthy pets, no matter what they’ve been told. Yes, skin and coat problems are a thing of the past when you add the right oils to the food. Tell your friends and clients to sign up for my newsletter so they don’t miss a beat about how to make their pets better! Wishing you and your pets great health, always. Andi xox

  • Sherry York Sep 16, 2011 

    This recipe works great. I have used it for years and my cats all have beautiful coats. You can really feel the difference between an animal that is using this recipe and one who is not. I highly recommend it and it is easy to make.

    • Andi Sep 17, 2011 

      Your cats are gorgeous and healthy! What a bonus when you understand food and supplements. xox Andi

  • Tracy Sep 21, 2011 

    Thanks so much for this formula. I have this problem every year around this time with scabs and ear infections. Prescriptions for penicillin and steroids, special shampoos that have to be left on for 10min and the dandruff still persists and the vet visits will continue for the next few months. I give my dog salmon oil and speciIal omega 3 supplement from the vet but none of this has seemed to have full relief I am shopping tomorrow for the ingredients and will let you know if this works

    • Andi Sep 22, 2011 

      Hi Tracy,
      Glad you’re taking the steps to making your dog well with my recipe for a beautiful coat! I’m positive that you’ll be getting great results. Most of the companies that make supplements kind of “cut corners” which never produces real results. Start with this recipe and then move on to my homemade stew recipe. You’ll LOVE what the combination will do. And yes… please keep all of us posted! xox (and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter… I’ve got incredible news coming soon!!)

      • Tracy Oct 09, 2011 

        Hi Andi.
        I have been faithfully giving my dogs the efa oil blend and my dogs love it! I have 2 large dogs one is. Bulldog boxer mix and she is feeling so soft and the shedding is remarkably reduced. My other dog with all the issues has cleared up pretty well. He still had a few leis ions on his belly but they are almost gone. He is up there in years so the renal issue has reared it head. He is now on science diet KD but I have begun making a recipe of whole chicken carrots green beans and rice. I am adding almost a cup to both dogs food along with a salmon oil cap. I make a big batch and scoop the amounts into baggies and replacing a frozen for a defrosted one when I use them. They both love the new diet. I have reduced their dry food 1/2 cup. Thank you for sharing this recipe their coats look great people have begun to comment

        • Andi Oct 09, 2011 

          Hi Tracy,
          I’m so glad that you’ve begun to take your dogs health into your own hands. I’m even happier that you have started seeing wonderful results. Now that you’ve taken the leap of faith, it’s probably a great time to let go of the old food and go whole-heartedly into the new diet. The homemade stew is exactly what the kidneys need. I would actually make the cat food version (without the grains) to make it easier for your older dog to process. Do keep us posted and I wish you and your two lucky dogs great health!
          xox Andi

          • Tracy Oct 17, 2011 

            I have concerns about my dogs getting all the micro nutrients in home made food and also my oldest dog is so limited on vegetables with potassium he does weigh 75 lbs and in some research I have done I have found some recipes cannot be doubled in balance with weight of dog. Do I really need 3 vitamin tabs etc in his food as an example. Do vitamin tabs have potassium in them there is so much I have not looked at for him. My boxer mix on the other hand is one I am very much considering giving fresh food to. She has had a cancer that leaves no marks but has not a reoccurrence the last 5 yrs This cancer is linked to wheat and grains. She is allergic to beef or has issues digesting it. The fresh food seems perfect for her she is 70 lbs but needs to loose 10lbs. That is a whole other story about reduced food I bought to help her loose a few pounds What a mess and a waste of money. I do not trust anything I am told now from pet stores without research. Thanks for your time and encouragement

          • Andi Oct 25, 2011 

            Hi Tracy,
            In all the years I have been helping people transition to healthy, homemade foods for the ones that they love, I have yet to find a dog or cat that has not benefitted in major ways! There is nothing better for your dogs. Digestion problems are generally caused and complicated by commercial, highly processed pet foods. Please follow my plan and keep us posted. I don’t blame you for not trusting what you buy in the stores. If I couldn’t eat it myself… my pets would NEVER get it! Please keep us posted as to your success. Can’t wait to hear all about it! xox Andi

  • Hanna R. Schuman Sep 23, 2011 

    Hi Andi.
    This recipe sounds VERY easy and quick and I will make it for my kitty, Liony. His coat is good, soft and shiny, no problems really, but he does get fleas (he goes outside). Also, in addition to the great coat, the EFA;s are good for many other things, as you probably know.
    Now, I have emailed you a specific question a little while ago, and so far have not got an answer. Here it is again: are the Halo-made supplements really good, would you recommend them, or can you not sign your name to them anymore? I have been wanting to order some of those supplements, but since you have been silent on the subject, I am holding off on the ordering…. Please, do let me know. Thank you, Andi.

    Love from
    Hanna and Liony

    • Andi Sep 26, 2011 

      Hi Hanna,
      As you are probably aware, I sold Halo over five years ago and many things have changed since then. As you know, I recommend that everyone make their own food and supplements. I provided recipes in my book and on my website. Right now, it’s the best way to go. I’m so very glad that you are making the beautiful coat recipe for Liony. He will be so much healthier for it. I promise. I will keep you posted as to what products I believe will be the best for him along the way.

  • Deb Shuck Sep 27, 2011 

    Thank you SO much for this recipe. I went to the health food store to buy all of the ingredients and I have saved a fortune and got much better stuff. I have been giving Rupert and Hugo the Omega Oils from the vets and it is SO expensive and who knows what preservatives are in it? This is just wonderful I have been sharing this recipe with everyone I know!!!! and they are thanking me.

    • Andi Sep 27, 2011 

      Deb, you’re the kind of owner that will do anything for the ones you love. You enhance my world in so many ways! Big hugs xox

  • Emily Oct 09, 2011 

    This definitely sounds people-grade, mabey we should try sharing a teaspoonful ourselves, do you think so. I love sharing food I’ve prepared for my dogs, they love it too. It makes me feel like they are genuinely receiving healthy foods.

    • Andi Oct 09, 2011 

      If I couldn’t eat it myself, I’d never give it to my pets! I take my oils all the time. They boost the immune system and make my hair, nails and skin much healthier! xox

  • Meredith Nov 19, 2011 

    Can’t wait to use this recipe! But all of the wheatgerm oil I have been able to find says that is for external use only. Where do you find the good stuff?

    • Andi Nov 19, 2011 

      Most any health food store? Should be easy to find there! You and your pets are going to LOVE it! xox

  • Nivia Nov 22, 2011 

    As a first time dog owner, I am so eager to learn as much as I can about keeping my new love healthy and well. Willow is an adorable Dandie Dinmont mix and has come to me at the most perfect time in my life. As a single woman on a modest income, I was concerned about the cost involved with a pet. While my diet is not totally organic, I have always lead a healthy lifestyle, making nutrition, health and wellness a priority. I plan to do the same for my new furry friend as I want her to enjoy optimal health and I cannot afford vet bills! Thank you for sharing your passion and I look forward to learning more about how to keep my pet in the best of health.

    • Andi Nov 22, 2011 

      Hi Nivia,
      So glad you found The Whole Pet Diet! My program was designed for people like you who believe that food and a healthy lifestyle filled with excercise can play a vital role in your pet’s life and keep them out of the vet’s for the most common health problems. I applaud you for taking a pro-active role and know that Willow is a VERY LUCKY boy! Please keep us posted and may you and Willow enjoy many years of wonderful health together. xox Andi

  • Laura Dec 11, 2011 

    Hi Andi,
    I have just made this for my Lucy and Charlie for the first time. They have been on a very expensive Fatty Acid Rx product :-(( I have one question, your recipe in the Whole Pet Diet is slightly different:
    The book has garlic & 1/2 tsp of rosemary and this recipe has no garlic and only 1/4 tsp of rosemary.
    My question is was there a reason for the change. Would one be better than the other?
    Thank you for your help.

    • Andi Dec 11, 2011 

      Hi Laura,
      Great Question! BOTH recipes are fine. My book has an older version, and we found that sometimes the rosemary has such a strong aroma, that some pets might not enjoy it as much… it’s up to the individual. Garlic is a bit controversial. (I happen to love it, and most every holistic veterinarian I know – loves it too!). However.. it can create gasses in the system if used in too much of a concentration (with “some” pets). So… garlic is optional. Whichever version you make… Lucy and Charlie are the luckiest pets on the planet! Make sure you sign up for my newsletter. LOTS of incredible news for the New Year! xoxo Andi

  • Kura Jan 08, 2012 

    hi andi! im so happy i stumbled upon this website. i do have a few questions. my dog is slightly overweight, 78 lbs, and only gets 1 cup of dry food twice a day (i now know its bad for him), and any vet ive every taken him to says he has the worst allergies they have ever seen. i was thinking of making a mixture of organic ground turkey cooked in a little olive oil, cooked and pureed carrots and green beans, and cooked brown rice or maybe oatmeal. trying to keep the recipe simple so there is less for him to be allergic to. i am not very positive about making the change though because im not sure if i need to add more supplements. would the above recipe be the only supplement i should need? thank you so much for all you do!

    • Andi Jan 09, 2012 

      Hi Kura,
      Boy… am I ever glad you found my website. There has NEVER been an overweight dog on my plan for food and treats! Dry food causes SO MANY PROBLEMS. His allergies will be a thing of the past when you feed him the right kinds of foods. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter and PLEASE get a copy of my book. It will answer SO MANY of the questions and address the problems you are having. I would not just arbitrarily feed any kinds of food. You MUST understand how to balance his body so that he will GLOW with great health. Here’s the link to the book on Amazon: Please keep us posted on your progress! xox Andi

  • Kura Jan 08, 2012 

    I forgot to add that I was thinking of checking out your book, but, I do want to keep the recipe as simple as possible and I think I should stay away from anything chicken because of allergies. I think I’ll check it out to find out how you incorporate calcium. Thank you again for all the awesome advice!!

    • Andi Jan 09, 2012 

      There is nothing wrong with using chicken. And/but turkey is fine too. Please do get the book. It’s an easy read, and I KNOW that you and your sweet dog will be VERY happy! xoxox

  • Sharon Feb 10, 2012 

    Hi Andi
    I have been devouring your book and have made the Spot’s Stew with much success. I am ready to make Bravo’s Bodacious Hearty Burger Stew next, but am somewhat hesitant as it does not list any organ meats in it. I was thinking of using ground beef with a little beef liver. How can I do this without throwing the ratio off?

    • Andi Feb 12, 2012 

      Hi Sharon,
      I would probably use about 6:1 – Muscle meat to organs.. That sounds about right. As long as you’re using the Stew as your base diet… a burger here and there should be just fabulous xoxox

  • Linda Brenneman Feb 13, 2012 

    Hi Andi,
    I just recently purchased your book and am in the process of getting the ingredients for everything. I am anxious to get my 3 Chihuahuas started. In the meantime I have recently made a meal for them I got on the internet called Mutt’s hamburger n’ rice. It contained rice, hamb., garlic, brocolli or carrots. I used frozen organic peas and green beans since this is what I had on hand. I also added some Kelp. My one dog swelled up in her face and is scratching something awful. We gave her some benedryl which is helping. My question is could she be allergic to the kelp or garlic? Those, along with the green beans are the only things new that she never had before. Also one other question if you don’t mind. Your recipe for Spot’s Stew says to use Spring Water. Is there any reason why I cannot use regular water since it will be boiled with the stew? Thank you for taking the time to read this. Linda :-)

    • Andi Feb 13, 2012 

      Hi Linda,
      SO GLAD you wrote me! Just because there is a “recipe” for a food, does not make it healthy. I would NEVER recommend rice or broccoli… I applaud you for trying to do the best for your little ones, but PLEASE recognize that it’s so important for you to make wise decisions in the food choices you make. After working with literally thousands of animals over a 25 year period… I have enough feedback to know what works 99.9% of the time! It would be VERY beneficial for you to read the book, and follow the steps, because it outlines how easy the whole process is and everyone LOVES the amazing changes that take place in a very short time. Let’s go back to the beginning. (Week 1). You can also chose any kind of water, as long as it’s clean. So if you’ve got water filters in your home.. that’s ok. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter ASAP. I have amazing great news in a few weeks that will benefit you and your little ones so much! Please keep me posted on your progress. I can’t wait to hear how great they all look and feel. xoxo Andi

  • Linda Brenneman Feb 13, 2012 

    Thank you so much for answering Andi. I am so new at all of this so I appreciate all your advice and help. I should tell you my dogs have been on rice and chicken for a little while due to diahrrea problems stemming from Hook and tape worms. We just recently adopted a rescue Chihuahua who had been in a very bad place. Our other two we got from bad places also so they have had some issues. I tried the rice and hamb. recipe just for something a little different. They are all on medicine for the worms and are slowly getting better. As I said I am in the process of trying to get all the ingredients in your book. I am having a hard time finding some of the oils needed to do the first week. I could order the ones I am having trouble finding online but was hoping to find them here as they are epensive and if I can find them local I can save on the shipping. Anyway I did have the kelp so thought I would add that to this food. I just didn’t know if she got a reaction from the kelp or could it have been the garlic. I thought maybe you might have had some feedback from people who have run into that problem too. I don’t know if this matters or not but our nutrition store did not have the kelp powder but had it in capsules which he said I could break open which is what I did. I would go to my vet with these questions but she is not a believer of holistic diet and actually tried to persuade me not to do it. I am not agreeing with her and will do it, but it makes it difficult for me when I do have a question. Thank you for answering about the water. We have a water softener but not a filter. Thank you again for your help. Linda :-) P.S. I am signed up for your newsletter and very excited about it.

  • S. Crews Mar 30, 2012 

    Hello Andi, I notice here, that you dropped the clove of garlic, as you had in your book. Have you changed your mind on this, or…? Just wondering. I’ve always felt a bit of garlic was fine, especially the small amounts you might get in something like Brewer’s Yeast. But recently found a pretty convincing website (don’t ask me what it was, I didn’t save it and we had a power outage when I had the tab up) by a vet that made me kind of doubt what I had previously believed. I’m still in the “scratch your head” stage. Anyway, just thought I’d check with you on this since I noticed it was dropped. Thanks and have a great day!

    • Andi Mar 31, 2012 

      Hi, I still really love garlic. The Holistic Vets I know really love it too. Sometimes too much garlic can create “gasses” in the digestive system and too much of a good thing winds up being “no good”. I leave it up to each individual. if you don’t feel good about it.. then by all means.. leave it out. If you feel good about it and your pet is healthy as a result, then you’re on the right track. I don’t like to recommend brewers yeast at all. Seems like the yeasts can cause fermentation in the body. I hope this helps. Thanks for your thoughts.. xox Andi

      • charlene May 20, 2012 

        hi andi! i hope i can get some clarification. in your book, you highly recommended anitra frazier’s vita-mineral mix which calls for 1.5 cups of yeast powder (food yeast such as brewer’s or torula). however, your comment above (march 31, 2012) says you don’t like to recommend brewer’s yeast at all because it can cause fermentation in the body. should i or should i not include yeast powder in the recipe?

        • Andi May 23, 2012 

          Hi Charlene,
          GREAT question and how observant you are! My book was written in 2006 and since then – I have come to understand many new things about pet health and have made changes to some of my earlier recipes. I think that one of the keys in being holistic is the willingness to learn and evolve as new information becomes available.. I used to use nutritional yeast myself and recommend it for pets, and while i don’t think it’s “bad”, I think that they probably do better without it. I would try the Vita Mineral Mix without the yeast and see how your pets do.. While yeast supplies B-Vitamins.. I think that you can get them as a better source in things like liver. By the way, I DON’T recommend using Soy Oil either (which is in my book as well).. I have found that there are links to tumors from Soy Oil and it is best avoided. I hope that you sign up for my newsletter and that you’ll keep me postted on your journey as a great healer! Thanks for contacting me. xoxo Andi

          • Jane Somers Oct 26, 2013 

            Since you have made changes to the recipes and your recommendations on yeast, garlic, and rosemary, why don’t you update your book? I got a lot of important and useful info from the book but was, quite frankly, hesitant because of the publish date of 2006. An updated version would be well received.

          • Andi Oct 28, 2013 

            Hi Jane,
            The book was originally published in 2006, but I have made many changes throughout the years to it. For some reason, my publisher does not think a new date is necessary, (not “enough” text has changed, according to them… )and/but if you have the book with the back cover, where I’m lying down with Holdiay and Lola… you have the most updated version. Thanks for your input and being so reflective and conscientious about how you feed. We love you! xoxo

  • Kerri Apr 05, 2012 

    Hello Ms Andi.
    I have started some of my dogs on this recipe about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I’m not really noticing much change. One of them has Demodectic mange and has almost completely cleared up with meds. The others I’m pretty sure have environmental allergies and now that flea and tick season is here it’s really hard to tell. Their itching is driving me crazy and some have some bald patches. I recently noticed some fleas, but they have been itching and chewing before those pesky critters crawled out from the depths of hell. As much as I would love to feed them all the natural or Whole pet diet it’s a little difficult to do that for 35 dogs. So do you have any suggestions? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. From the mom of the pitiful itchy babies.

  • Kate Apr 06, 2012 

    Andi’s Recipe for a Beautiful Coat (makes 8 ounces) do you add this to their food or use it topically? Thanks so much as I have been looking for something other than a chemical for my furbabies!

    • Andi Apr 07, 2012 

      Hi Kate,
      This is an incredible vitamin supplement that you add to the food… Make sure you sign up for my newsletter asap.. Great news coming quickly.. Keep us posted on your beautiful coats! xox Andi

  • Kerri Apr 17, 2012 

    Hi Andi, I have started several of my dogs on this oil. I found a “Wheat Germ Oil Blend” at my local feed store for a good price, but it has soybean oil in it as the “blend”. Could you please tell me if this is OK to use or does it need to be strictly Wheat germ oil only. Please let me know. I am fixing to make another batch and want to make sure it is OK or if I need to return it and get the other(on the other side of town)=). Thank you for your time.

    • Andrea Apr 18, 2012 

      I am currently reading the book, it discusses soybean oil on page 78. It lists soybean oil as an alternative or in combination with the 5oz of olive oil. She discussed the difference between soybean oil and soybean isolates used as a protein source in food. I am a super frugal shopper and can tell you that the book is worth buying and contains so much more info. beyond what is available (than I have seen thus far) on the site. It’s inexpensive and is tremendously helping with my confidence that I am altering my two little dog’s diet in the right way. I can’t wait to start the 8 week plan.

      • Andi Apr 20, 2012 

        How very lovely of you to speak about my book this way! I’m pleased and flattered, but you will really get excited after you see what changes take place in your pets! By the way, the new edition of my book does not recommend soy oil at all.. In recent years, i have found that it could be linked to tumors in humans and pets. Opt for the Olive Oil for now, and make sure you sign up for my newsletter also.. Really great news coming very soon! Keep us posted! xox

  • Dianne Apr 18, 2012 

    Is the oil meassured by weight or by volume? I am guessing volume.

    Why does it need to be blended instead of just shaken or stirred?

    • Andi Apr 20, 2012 

      Hi, Use a measuring cup for the ounces. It sounds like you’re making a martini:)
      Blend it any way that you can and shake before using! Keep us posted on your wonderful results.. Wishing you and your pets great health! xox

  • Kim Smith May 05, 2012 

    Hi! I’m excited about starting my pup on your recipes! My question on this oil blend is what about vitamin A and D toxicity if used in combination with high quality kibble?

    • Andi May 07, 2012 

      Hi Kim,
      If you’re using dry food (which I NEVER recommend) all the more reason for using the oils. Don’t worry about the vitamin toxicity in the EFA’s.. you should ditch the kibble and cook for them for the ultimate glowing great health for the ones you love. xox

  • Brenda Jenkins May 26, 2012 

    Hi kim…my question, is this recipe at the top good for itchy skin….both my dogs have bumps on their bodies…and itch all the time

    • Andi May 29, 2012 

      Hi Brenda, Yes the oils are great for shedding, itching, scratching, dull coat, dandruff, allergies and bumps of unusual kinds! Start with the oils, change the diet and it would be great to get my book and start reading why they’re having these problems. Here’s a link to my book on Amazon. It will do wonders for them and for you! xox Andi

  • marie dillon Jun 24, 2012 

    Hey Andi! I just discovered you and your book! I ordered it on Amazon today and excited to give my pets better nutrition. Thanks for the recipe. I had a couple questions: 1-Where do you buy your oils? 2-Do you recommend me applying topical oils to my dog’s paws/nails? She has really brittle nails and her feet sometimes scab because of dryness.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Andi Jun 25, 2012 

      Dear Marie,
      I generally buy my oils at the Health Food Store. Most health is really achieved from the inside out. The oils will help boost the immune system, and make the skin, coat, and nails much healthier. Scabs are sometimes a result of chemicals in the foods, especially dry foods. Once you change the diet to the new homemade food and add the oils.. I believe the problems are going to be a thing of the past. Keep us posted and start cooking! xoxoxo

  • Anil Jun 26, 2012 

    can we substitute dried Rosemary with rosemary oil? if so what should be the quantity

    • Andi Jun 27, 2012 

      Hi Anil,
      Your question is a good one. I would consider using about a teaspoon of the oil in the mix. xoxo

  • marie dillon Jun 29, 2012 

    I am going to try this in their food but had a question. I usually squeeze a fish oil capsule on their food. Is it ok to do both this recipe and the fish oil on their food? Or should I stop with the fish oil? Thanks!

    • Andi Jul 01, 2012 

      You can of course use a fish oil capsule in the food. Essential fatty acids are wonderful for the coat and skin. I believe in supplementing according to the individual pet’s needs and I love a blend of oils. xox

  • Lacie Griffin Sep 25, 2012 

    hey andi,
    My aussie has terrible itching problems so i was going to try to put this on his food but i am having a heck of a time trying to find wheat germ oil any ideas?

    • Andi Sep 26, 2012 

      Hi Lacie, I’m so glad that you wrote me. The BEST news is that I just launched a new line of FABULOUS pet products and my Best In Coat Food Supplement is EXACTLY what you should be using! Click on the SHOP link on my website and you’ll see everything you need to know about the product. Just add it to the food and in five to ten days… you’ll see incredible improvement. If you still want to make it yourself.. try the Health Food Store for the Wheat Germ Oil.. but I know you’ll love the Best in Coat! Keep us posted on your progress. xox Andi

  • dianne Oct 11, 2012 

    Your product is a great price. I only have one cat and would like to know the shelf life of the product, once it is opened. I hate to throw out half of the product.
    Thank you

    • Andi Oct 12, 2012 

      Hi Diane,
      Great question! I would treat our Doc’s Stew – the same way you would treat your own human food. (There is no difference, with the exception of the label and the graphics:) No more than 3-4 days in the fridge. My cat Bijoux will eat an entire can a day. Others will perhaps eat half to two thirds a day? Remember that this food is unbelievably nutrient dense. AND BOY DO THE CATS LOVE IT! yay! XOXO Andi

  • Gail Banta Oct 11, 2012 

    Would you consider updating your book – I am busy making changes you are now recommending (ie remove “yeast” and “soy” oils). I have used it as a “bible” for over 5 years (just before you sold Halo) and would LOVE a new updated edition. I have 2 cocker spaniels and 1 Aussie one of the cockers suffers from mold allergies and I believe the natural receipies and holisitic approach have saved him from skin problems often associated with these allerigies! Thank you!

    • Andi Oct 12, 2012 

      Hi Gail,
      Thank you SOOOO much for your kind words about my book. I’m thrilled to know that you are using it with so much success. I have updated my book. (It was published in March of 2012 with the changes that appear in some of the recipes on my blog). You can get it from Amazon. You will know it is the updated version because my photo on the back cover has Holiday with me, and you are directed to contact me at I would also love to encourage you to try my new Best In Coat oil supplement. It has 14 different oils, and is VERY special. My Doc’s Stew is also a lifesaver when you run out of your own homemade or want to travel or just need to fall back on something in a pinch. It really is the most wonderful food ever been created for pets. Can’t wait to get more feedback from you and please keep up all the great work. You’re a really terrific MOM! Your cockers and Aussie are very lucky, indeed! xoxox Andi

  • Kaitlyn Dec 02, 2012 

    Hey Andi,
    I just started fostering a German Shepherd with what I think are terrible allergies. The dry food from the rescue is not my favorite, in fact, my German Shepherd will not eat it at all. We have started the foster dog on a higher quality dry food, but I think he needs a raw diet. I am going to order your book online and start using the recipes, but do you have any advice for in the meantime (the next couple of days)? He is biting and scratching himself so badly, I am afraid he is going to give himself hot spots. I tried giving him an oatmeal bath tonight and it did not help. I am unsure if there are any underlying health issues. He lived outside for four years until about a month ago when he was rescued. He is severely underweight and I am assuming what food he had was not good quality. Any advice would be great. Thank you and I am excited to get your book.

    • Andi Dec 03, 2012 

      Hi Kaitlyn,
      This poor baby has been through a lot and he’s so lucky he found you. Start making my Stew if you can.. You will se an enormous improvement in a very short time. In addition, you could make my recipe for a beautiful coat, or your can now buy my new oil supplement called Best in Coat. There has never been a better supplement and I’m postitive you’ll be giving your new dog a new coat for the Holidays! it has very little to do with the “outside” of the body. it’s all about the inside of the body. PLEASE begin to work your magic with my book, supplements and REAL, Wholesome, Fresh Food.. Keep us all posted! xoxox

  • sharon Dec 18, 2012 

    does the rosemary have to be used or is it just a preservative thing for the best coat recipe ? My dog is allergic to rosemary. Thanks

    • Andi Dec 21, 2012 

      You may skip the Rosemary.. it’s beneficial when it’s beneficial:) You are the care giver and may pick and choose with wisdom! xoxo

  • Jill Mar 28, 2013 

    Hi Andi,

    I started with using Halo’s oil but didn’t like that it had soybean oil in it so I switched to krill oil. I prefer krill over cod liver for sourcing issues and for the fact that when I’ve had my dog on cod liver in the past she just did not take to the taste. In addition to the krill do you still recommend olive and wheat germ oil? Am I missing anything?


    • Andi Mar 28, 2013 

      Hi Jill, Yes… you’ve got a good formula down with the olive and wheat germ. Good thinking on the replacement for soy. Soy is proving to have SO MANY problems for pets and people. xox

  • ELAINE NOBLES May 27, 2013 



    • Andi May 29, 2013 

      I really like the garlic added and but it is now a personal choice. All my pets get garlic in small amounts each day to help boost the immune system, but some people shy away from it because of the controversy it carries. You need to decide if you want to include it along with the healthy diet. Lucky Beagle! xoxo (such a good Mom)

  • Cheri Jul 05, 2013 


    We have rescued two “downed” dachshunds. They are both able to walk now but will forever have some lasting effects of their injuries. Our vet recommended glucosamine, condrointin, MSM and Omega 3 fatty acids. She said that these 4 things help greatly with joints, especially arthritic joints. We have been usings this recipe for about two years now to satisfy the fatty acid part of that cocktail. In reading all of these posts, it seems as though we’re the only ones using your recipe for joint pain rather than skin/coat issues.

    • Andi Jul 08, 2013 

      Hi Cheri, Your pups are really lucky to have such a caring Mom! Yes, the oils help with inflammation for sure. Most pets are suffering from skin and coat problems and that is directly related to the food that they’re eating. Yes the oils do make a huge difference in the muscular skeletal system too! Thanks for bringing it to the foreground and shedding some extra light on the subject! xoxox

  • dianna Oct 20, 2013 

    from the time your book hit the book stores i bought it and i still use it it is so worn out i will need a new book soon. i come here to read about how others are learning about we are what we eat as well as our fur children. i do not use garlic but at one time i did for my little girl fur baby. my little one is in remission as she has IMHA triggered by her yearly shots. i have always homecooked and i still do. i owe andi’s book and learning all i did years before my little chi had the battle of IMHA . if she had been on dog food i know that i would have lost her.even while in the vet hospital after the blood transfusion we brought her homecooked meals and she ate really good right after the transfusion(by the way i told them no dog food that i would bring her food)i brought her meals twice a day . and even while on serious medications predisone,azathioprin & others. i gave her the oil recipe. and i used extra virgin coconut oil unrefined only on her leg where she got a calcim deposit from predisone use it cleared up i really like the wheat germ and coconut oil best of the oils but use olive oil in the recipe as states.i buy all the oils ata natural food market as i do the meats and veggies i use in my gang’s food they only eat foods i feed to myself and my mother was a health food nut who taught me well so when i saw this book i knew i had to have it and as i said it is worn out i use it daily for something.i share the info to help friend fur babies also it is so very helpful not just for me and my gang . thank you for helping so many fur childrenand their pet parents

    • Andi Oct 21, 2013 

      You have made my heart sing today! THANK YOU DIANNA for this wonderful gift you’ve given to ME! Sending love and hugs to you and your family xoxoxo

  • sus'n Nov 09, 2013 

    Hi Andy! I just LOVE, love,love your book and have been making the stew off and on for many years. I have 8 dogs and a business to run…2 of my older dogs back legs started to fail and I reached for your book and Dr. Pitcairn’s for homeopathy remedies for pain, arthritis, etc. I finally went to the vet for ultrasound and x-ray to find out what’s wrong with her legs. The vet found EVERYTHING wrong with her liver, pancreas, to possibly Cushing’s disease. The failing legs I’m told are due to her “knees” sliding out of place. Possibly from agility in her younger years. The vet prescribed Hills special diet for her liver, but I chose to give her your stew to improve her overall health. After 2 weeks her hair slowly stopped coming out in clumps and she was still trying to walk (hop) to keep up with me. She then got diarrea real bad. Due to the labor time of making the stew, it may have spoiled at one point and gave her diarrea. I put her on a fast and then followed Dr. Pitcairns recipe for vegetable broth and white rice. The diarrea stopped, but now she won’t eat the stew as voraciously before. Everyday I go back and forth with the decision to euthanize. but she still drinks, eats some and her eyes are bright. She also had a huge blister erupt on her elbow causing it to open all the way to her bone. I used Dr. Willard’s water (check it out-was featured on 60 minutes in the 1980’s) to heal the open wound and it started to heal if she would only leave it alone….but now she can’t walk (hop) at all. bla, bla, bla – sorry to go on and on.
    -ANYWAY… I just found your blog after all these years, and learned you don’t own HALO anymore! OMG! I’ve been telling all my grooming clients that you do! So…I’m assuming you don’t recommend Halo anymore. Is there any other food that’s “quick” you can recommend?
    -I would love it if you could expand your stew recipe to accommodate large dog families. (We communicated once by email about my large dog family’s needs and you recommended stretching the recipe by adding wheat bread)
    -I noticed you’ve improved the EFA recipe since I bought the book about 5 yrs ago. Is your book updated with the changes?

    I’m a BIG fan of yours. Stay Healthy!

    • Andi Nov 10, 2013 

      Hi.. Well, I don’t know where to begin. Thank you for your kind words and your thoughts and for sharing your experiences with us. OK… my book is updated with some recipes that have improved over the years. Yes, you are correct. I sold Halo in 2006 and the products are no longer made in a USDA kitchen, and formulas were changed. and unfortunately I cannot recommend ANY commercial pet foods. You will always achieve incredible results with a homemade diet and although it is time consuming… there are ways to make bigger batches and freeze them, or use some of the quick meals from my book which also incorporates treats and snacks.
      You have to really LOOK at what changed after the two weeks of feeding the stew. All was improving you said and then something happened and you may have fed spoiled stew. That was the problem as I can see it. We need to treat our dog’s food as if it were our own. Nothing different. You wouldn’t eat spoiled food… your dog was not well enough to handle it at that point. I would definitely go back to making the stew and use Vitamin C and make my oil recipe as well. Stick to the plan. Don’t go feeding any other foods until she is stable and healthy and making you keep up with her!:) sounds like she’s got quite a bit of life left and lots to teach you and your clients. Keep up the great work. YOU KNOW WHAT IS HEALTHY. Go for the GOLD! She deserves your attention so that you can continue to help others. Keep up the great work and do keep us all posted! xoxoxo Andi

  • Lori Jan 24, 2014 

    I purchasd your book and bought all the ingredients for the Best in Coat recipe. I noticed the recipe online and the recipe in the book is slightly different. Which recipe is the most up to date?

    • Andi Jan 24, 2014 

      Hi Lori, Since I don’t know which recipe you are using. (It has changed over the years). I prefer the one I have online. I don’t recommend soy at all for pets anymore. I believe that you will have great results with the new and improved version. Keep us posted and please do continue to use the book.. It’s got so much wonderful info. for the ones you love! xoxo

      • Lori Jan 31, 2014 

        Hi Andi, I have been using the EFA oils for almost a week now. My male hairless Chinese Crested has had a rash on his belly off and on for months. The rash has gotten the worse it’s been this week. Is it possible it’s from the oils? I know in your book you state it can get worse before it gets better. Approximately how long does it take until you should notice a difference. I do have an appointment with his vet because it is starting to give him discomfort now.

        • Andi Feb 09, 2014 

          Lori, Please e mail me directly so I can help you figure it out. You may need to look at the diet/ingredients to know what was originally causing the problems.

    • Andi Jan 31, 2014 

      Hi Lori, I’m always working with new formulas and trying to make them better. I would definitely use the one on my website. It’s more up to date and should be a super-potion! Keep us posted. xoxox

  • Kaye Glasson Feb 02, 2014 

    Hi Andi, I live in Australia and have been only able to get the Wild Salmon Oil in the capsules. I did go onto the internet and order some liquid from an Australian website, only to realize it is being shipped from India! What do you suggest is my best option, please?
    Thank you

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  • Pingback: The Whole Pet Diet

  • April Leavitt May 26, 2015 

    I can’t wait to start feeding my puppy tomorrow. It will be dinner by the time I am done cooking the stew but I am going to make up this recipe too. I have a Shar Pei puppy who is 6 months old and she keeps scratching for no reason, but it all makes sense now. Since they are known for skin issues I am really excited to start homecooking!

    • Andi May 30, 2015 

      I’m so excited for your sweet pup! You will see amazing differences in a very short time. What a GREAT MOM you are! xoxo

  • S Lock Sep 04, 2015 

    Can you use Hemp seed oil in place of flax seed oil?

    • Andi Sep 09, 2015 

      Why would you want to do that?

  • Carrie Nov 10, 2015 

    Hi Andi, thank you so much for all your wonderful information. I am in the process of ordering your book but in the meantime while I wait for it to get here I have a question regarding the coat supplement. I am in Canada and having a very hard time finding Wheat Germ Oil. Can I use Vitamin E instead? If so how much? And how much should I give my “kids” (1 – 14.5 yr old shephard cross; 1 – 8 yr. old cairn terrier/jack russell/cockapoo AND 1 – 2 yr old westie cross rescue from California). Thanks again.

    • Andi Nov 14, 2015 

      Hi there, While I love the benefits of Wheat Germ Oil.. you may substitute it with Sunflower Oil. Please try to get wheat germ though. Perhaps online? Let us know how it goes! xoxo Andi

  • carrie Nov 20, 2015 

    Hi Andi, thanks for your reply. Is that 2 tsp, or whatever amount, once a day OR with each meal? I feed them twice a day. So should the 50 lb get 2 tsps with each meal or just one meal. HOpe that makes sense.


  • Kariena Jan 24, 2016 

    My dogs are 50-100lbs.. I feed them twice a day Is that 1 tbs each meal or per day?

    • Andi Jan 27, 2016 

      I would give it to them twice a day. Then after a month or so… you can be the judge! xox

  • Brooke Jan 29, 2016 

    Is Doc Holiday’s Best in Coat still being made? I’ve searched for it online and can’t find it anywhere.

    • Andi Feb 03, 2016 

      We will be making it very soon. Please sign up for the newsletter so you’ll stay informed. Thank you for reaching out and we will be back in the kitchen for you in the near future.

  • Jo Biasi Aug 15, 2016 

    I have your book and I love it! Thanks so much for writing it.
    I originally used your EFA oil blend (Andi’s Recipe for a Beautiful Coat) that was published in the first edition of your book. I just found your updated version on your site.

    I notice that you use coconut oil in the recipe now- but I have a question about coconut oil. Coconut oil is solid at colder temperatures and since this is stored in the fridge- wouldn’t the coconut oil solidify? How do you deal with that?

    I have been adding coconut oil to my pets food per dish instead of in the EFA oil blend and I can continue to do this- but if it stays liquid, I would love to mix it up with the rest of the oils.

    And btw- for anyone looking for the wild salmon oil. I could not get it at my health food store except in capsules- but I found it on Amazon no problem. :):)

    • Andi Sep 01, 2016 

      Hi Jo,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes.. Coconut oil can solidify in the cold. I think that if you make up the oil blend and are careful no not let it spoil. (Use it every day:) then you can certainly leave it on the counter or in the cupboard. The recommendation to put it in the refrigerator is for the people who don’t use it every day and run the risk of it spoiling. For those caring, conscientious pet owners… you can leave it out and it should be fine. Yay for Amazon. It’s so easy to find ingredients on the internet. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your ideas. xo Andi

  • Christine Bolduc Oct 20, 2016 

    Hello Andi,

    I am writing to you from Quebec,Canada. I have just finished writing your book and was quite impressed with what I found out. Unfortunately I could not get the updated edition anywhere in Canada, so I have your original edition but I am glad you update it on your website.

    I have a 6 year old Samoyed male dog and last year, at age 5, he was diagnosed with an very rare disease called Uveitis Dermatological Syndrome or UDS. This is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system destroys its own pigmentation cells. The worst outcome of this incurable disease is that it affects the eyes and creates glaucoma which my beautiful dog now suffers from in one eye.

    Thousands of dollars later, and still going, he is now affected with this very unknown condition from the rest of his life. He is on immune suppressants (azathioprine- cancer killer) in order to “kill” his immune system so that we can slow down the development of the disease and try to maintain his glaucoma eye as comfortable as possible while at the same time, trying to save his other eye which is still good so far. He has to be given eye drops to control the eye pressure for the rest of his life.

    This is a dreadful disease which can create a lot of side effects in his internal organs. We have to monitor him every couple of months with blood tests and all…

    When I read while researching on this disease and I saw that a mega-dose of Vitamin C was suggested to strengthen the immune system, I started giving him a minimum of 3,000 mg a day. When I mentioned that to my “very conventional” vet, she just about flipped! She said that I should not give him more that 500mg a day because this mega-dose could create kidney stones and a whole bunch of problems that my dog certainly does not need at this point in time…She scared me so much that I stop giving him the mega-dose and I just give him 500mg a day now.

    In your book you only mention good things about mega dose of Vitamin C and so do a lot of other websites that I have researched. So, how come nobody mentions that it could create kidney stones except my “very narrow minded” vet?

    Unfortunately, where I live in Northern Quebec, I am very very far away from any holistic vet, whatsoever…I have to work along side my conventional vet…so I am in a bit of a dilemma because I would like so much to help my dog with all the good stuff you mention in your book.

    Do you have any suggestion???

    One more thing: I want to buy all the different oils you mention in your DreamCoat recipe but on Amazon Canada, I can only find liquid Wild Salmon Oil formulated for Cats and Dogs, and I see that you always suggest to use human grade products, however, the human grades only come in gel capsules. What should I do? use the pet formula or can I use gel capsules? Otherwise, I can only find the wild salmon oil for human grade at one online store in the USA, which is quite expensive. What do you suggest???

    Sorry for my very long message but I have a very complex disease to deal with but I am trying to help my dog as much as I can, despite all the costs involved…

    • Andi Oct 24, 2016 

      Hi Christine, I’m so very glad that you wrote me. No matter what the disease is called… it is almost always a problem related to the immune system, and all I can say is that it is NEVER too late to eat well. Most problems that I have dealt with over the years are directly related to the poor quality ingredients found in pet foods. They barely sustain life and I cannot say that one single product currently on the market will promote great health. So….. my first suggestion is to get your sweet one off of the commercial pet foods and treats. The oils can be found online. Some here – but others you’ll have to search more for.

      You may have to search the internet, but I’m pretty confident that you’ll find what we need there. If you have an old copy of my book. (I am on the back cover with dark hair and my cat)… then you should definitely go on my website for the new oil recipe and the Doc’s Stew recipe. If I am on the back cover, with short blonde hair and lying down… then you have the newest edition there. Your goal is to BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.. NOT DESTROY IT! You do this with great food and vitamins. The most important thing though is the food. Let’s start by changing the diet immediately. I think you will be so very happy and surprised how quickly your Sammy will respond. Please tell me how the pigmentation has been altered. This will help me to help you more.
      Do not use anything made for pets. In all of the years that I have been working with vitamins and food for pets… I have always recommended that a ten pound cat get 500 mg. a day of vitamin c to prevent urinary tract infections. Sadly…. most vets have NO nutritional studies in their courses… but rely on the COMMERCIAL PET FOOD MAKERS to give them their opinions on what makes animals healthy. Sorry to say.. that is the wrong approach. My goal is to keep the pets out of the vet’s for the common health problems. Vets are in business. Business goal is to MAKE MONEY. So.. there is an investment in a vet wanting you to become their next best customer. I found an article online about this problem being treated successfully with homeopathy. If you can find a holistic vet in Canada to work with… I suggest you do so right away. Holistic Vets can also do phone consults if you can’t see one soon. I do know that you will at the very least… Help your dog to feel better very quickly with the change of diet. This may be all it takes to turn this around. You will be the judge. But you must stay strict with the program. (It can never hurt). I have found that when there is a pigment change in a human or a pet.. it is often the result of the liver being taxed with foods that the body could not process. Please when you make the stew… don’t use any grains. In other words.. you’ll want to make the cat food recipe. This will be easier for Sammy’s body to process. I hope that you’ll keep us posted as to your success. I understand how difficult it is when you don’t have a vet who will opt for nutritional support, and only wants drugs and/or surgery. Let’s go with the least invasive way to begin. You can’t go wrong with healthy food. Sending hugs xoxo Andi

  • Christine Bolduc Dec 14, 2016 

    Hello Andi,

    I just want to thank you for replying to my email of last October 20.

    I have since then started to make the oil recipe for my Sammy. It took over a whole month to find and order most of the oils online (with the exception of Olive and Coconut Oil which can be bought locally). I actually had to order from 3 different online health stores including one from the USA. The problem is that a lot of US online stores do not ship to Canada, so it makes it quite a labor of love to look for specific products for my beloved boy. I also have started to buy the ingredients to make the stew but there again, I have to find the Kelp somewhere online because I cannot find that locally.

    It is taking me a while to gather everything to make the stew in part because I do not eat meat myself for compassionate reasons (except fish), so it is very difficult for me to manipulate a poor chicken or turkey…I am sure you can understand that…I also understand that dogs are not born to be vegetarians, so I will get to make that stew sooner or later. I actually have bought 2 turkeys (that are now waiting in the freezer) with the intent to make the stew in the next couple of weeks…just waiting for the Kelp to arrive…

    When my boy was first diagnosed with UDS (Uveitis Dermatological Syndrome) in early 2015, his nose and lips, which by nature were pure black, had turned all pink. At the same time, his eyes were affected with chronic Uveitis. After consulting an ophthalmologist-vet 4 times and putting him on a “crash therapy” program to suppress his immune system, he was able to regain some of his pigmentation. However, the cells which affect the eye pigmentation had already attacked his left eye, thus, causing glaucoma. He has now been on a maintenance program since early 2016 and he has been doing considerably well despite the gravity of this very rare and unknown disease.

    Of course, in the last year I have been looking all over the Internet in the hope of finding whatever holistic therapy I could use, despite the negative comments I receive from my vet about everything “holistic” . So from one website to another, I ended up on your website and am I ever glad I did. I have learned a lot by reading your book and now my first step was to make the oil recipe. Next, it will be the stew… just in time for Christmas…

    Although my beautiful boy will be on eye drops and on immune-suppressants for the rest of his life, I am confident that the oil recipe is helping him along with other supplements that you mention in your book and that I have been giving him, to the dislike of my vet. Basically, I am willing to go the distance to offer my dog the best quality of life I can give him, although it is ruining me financially.

    I am looking forward to cooking your stew as I know it will be received with great excitement…and drooling….

    I am sorry it took me a while to reply as I was sick with pneumonia and had to take care of myself and get back into shape, so that my “snow” dog and I can play in the snow…oh, oh, oh…

    Thank you again for your great love of animals and your unlimited devotion to their well being

    Happy Holidays to you and all your beautiful animal companions!!!

    Thank you again for

    • Andi Dec 20, 2016 

      Hi Christine,
      I’m so very happy that your sweet boy is doing soooooo much better! Bravo to you for going all out and following your heart to help him heal. I really do believe that once you get him on the stew you’ll begin to see magic happen! It’s all about the food. I understand the labor of love and how difficult it must be to handle the meat, but once you see the difference – you will never want to go back. Keep up the great work. Glad that you are also better. You have made my heart sing for the Holidays. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement for others to help the ones they love. Happy Healthy New Year to you and your Sammy xoxoxo

  • Christine Bolduc Jan 07, 2017 

    Hello again Andi, and Happy New Year to you and your furry babies!

    I am reaching out to you again because I still have not gotten around to make the stew yet because of the difficulty I have in finding all the necessary ingredients. Now, I have just recently received the kelp which I had found and ordered on Amazon Canada. Now my problem is to find the yellow squash! Since I live in a very small town in Northern Quebec with only 2 supermarkets, none of them carry yellow squash! So, what am I to do??? I am not very knowledgeable about squash because I have never eaten it, but all I see at the market is butternut squash or spaghetti squash. Would either one of those be a good substitute for yellow squash??? It is now the only ingredient I am missing to make the stew.

    I also have a couple more questions for you:

    1. You don’t seem to mention the use and benefits of Turmeric for pets in your book and I haven’t found any info on your website about this herb. However, I read on other websites that we should give Turmeric to our pets because of the multiple healing benefits. What is your take on Turmeric?

    2. Since the last time I contacted you, I adopted another dog. She is a 7 year old Dalmatian and she came with some skin allergy issues and a special and very expensive diet food from the vet!!! Now, I have started her immediately on the dreamcoat oil recipe and I know that she would also highly benefit from the homemade stew. My concern is that she weighs 60 lbs just like my Sammy, so, if I do the math, for 2 – 60 lb dogs, I would have to give them about 12 cups of the stew per day, so basically, I would have to cook a 10 lb turkey every 3 to 4 days??? Really??? Just the thought of having to manipulate meat like this so often kind of makes me feel like fainting a bit. I did mention in a previous message that I myself am not a meat eater and even worse, I don’t exactly like to cook, so this is a big challenge for me, to spend so much time in the kitchen. How do people with large dogs manage to cook that stew so often??? Any suggestions or tricks???

    Your reply will be, as always, very appreciated.

    • Andi Jan 09, 2017 

      Hi Christine,
      Just because your baby is 60 pounds does not mean that he needs to eat 12 cups of food a day. Holiday is 50 pounds and full of energy. He gets about 20 ounces of stew a day, but I also vary his diet, so sometimes he gets a burger and veggies for a meal instead of stew. OR…he may get a nice omelette for breakfast instead of stew. You always want to keep the ratio of 50/50 meat and veggies, but cooking the stew and so much of it is not “always” necessary. I hope this helps. Tumeric is great, and/but I understand that it needs to have curcumin with it in order for it to be effective. Do some more research first and then make your choices. Cheers and Happy New Year to your wonderful family xoxo Andi

  • Christine Bolduc Jan 09, 2017 

    Hello Andi,

    Thank you for your reply. However, my concern for the quantity – 12 cups/day – was for 2 dogs and not just one but it gives me a good idea how to adjust the quantity depending on their needs, so thank you for your advice. And by the way, Holiday is a GORGEOUS dog!

    However, my last concern before making the stew, is that I cannot find “yellow squash” anywhere around here. So is there another squash I can use instead, or just omit it completely from the recipe???

    Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

    • Andi Feb 07, 2017 

      I’m so very sorry for not replying sooner. For some reason I never saw your comment. Thank you for your compliments. Holiday is beautiful inside and out. So healthy. Really any other yellow/spaghetti squash is fine. If you really can’t find it.. just double up on the zucchini. I hope that you did continue with the stew even without the squash answer. You may always e mail me directly through the website, which does go to my direct e mail address. Please let us know how your sweet ones are doing now. xoxo Andi

  • Christine Bolduc Mar 10, 2017 

    Hello Andi, it’s me again!

    I’m happy to tell you that I was finally able to find yellow squash at one of my local grocery stores!!! So, I have been making the stew for a couple of months now and of course, the dogs love it! But, because I have to cook a 10lb turkey every 2 weeks or so, and it’s a lot of turkey, I would also like to vary by making the Bravo’s Bodacious Hearty Burger Stew recipe that is in your book. However, is it as completely balanced as the stew? The recipe doesn’t contain any liver or any other organ meat, so I was just wondering if I could alternate with the stew???

    Also, in my neck of the woods, I can’t find any Millet for this recipe, so could I substitute with Quinoa until I can find Millet on-line?

    Lastly, I also give my dogs the Dream Coat oils which I home-make as per your website recipe. However, my vet told me that I should not give more than 1,000 mg of Omega 3, per day. Do you have any idea of many mg are in tbs? My dogs are 60lb each, so I give them 2 tbs each per day, as per your guidelines, but how many mg would that represent? any idea???

    Once again, thank you for your precious advice!

    • Andi Mar 14, 2017 

      Hi Christine, In the initial stages of the program, I would rather you used the stew (Chicken, or Turkey) to begin with. Once your dogs are very healthy and they are stable on the diet.. then you could begin to compliment the stew days with other foods – like the Bravo Bodacious Stew. Don’t keep going back and forth. You want the body to be able to absorb, utilize and eliminate properly. (So, best bet would actually be to add beef instead of poultry AFTER they have stabilized and all is going well). I like poultry best but beef on some alternate days is perfectly fine. I don’t know which recipe you are using (they have changed over the years) for the oils… but if you are following my formulas.. they are generally perfect! If their bodies are changing and responding nicely.. you are on the right track. Sending big HUGS cause you’re doing great! xoxo Andi

  • Christine Bolduc Mar 11, 2017 

    Sorry Andi,

    I thought my first message had not been sent, so I re-wrote the same message, sorry for the duplicate!

    • Andi Mar 14, 2017 

      you are just fine!

  • Andrea Sep 23, 2017 

    I got your book, and is the old version from 2006. I know changes have been made since then. Where can I find a list of this changes? I don’t want to buy the new version but I want to be able to know the changes. For example the soy oil that I almost purchased if I would not read the web site before.

    • Andi Sep 23, 2017 

      Hi Andrea,
      Thanks for reaching out to me about the older version of the book and recipes. The newest versions of the recipes (For Stew and Oil) – can be found on this website. Almost everything else has remained the same. Cheers! Andi

  • Kate Doherty Oct 02, 2018 

    My cat Peaches is struggling with allergies, flea allergies, she is an outdoor cat last year we managed to get on top of the attack but this year she was really suffering so we had to go to the vet and have steroids, anti inflammatory and antibiotics, they also used the flea treatment Broadline on her and two days later she scratched her face really badly, i am sure it was a reaction to the flea treatment. I am fumigating the flat again but she has been bitten again, she is not as reactive but is covered in bites and has scratched her face a little again. I am trying to change her food to be grain free and as much natural food as I can her fur is recovering. I attempted your stew but she refuses to eat it. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want her to have chemical treatments every year, any idea? My neighbour’s cat seems to have a similar problem, not as acute and developed it around the same time last year, not sure if that means the problem is outside. I know you say it is a deficiency but if she won’t eat your stew what can I do to address that?

    • Andi Oct 18, 2018 

      Hi Kate, I’m so sorry that I did not actually reply to your comment earlier. I actually didn’t see it until now. I will maintain that Peaches’ problem is a deficiency and not an external allergy. You need to be STRONG and PUT YOUR PAW DOWN. She will not starve herself, as long as you make the stew a little tastier and a bit more familiar to her. I address the switching to the stew in my book and hope that you will get a copy. In the meantime. put the food down for no more than 30 minutes and let her eat to her heart’s content. (Use a yummy favorite topping and leave a bit on top and mix a bit into the stew). If she eats it… great. If not.. pick up the food and let her get hungrier (and do not offer ANYTHING else). She will get hungrier. Serve the meal (always at room temp and never cold. they definitely don’t like it cold). Within a few days, Peaches will get used to the stew and then the magic happens and then there’s no need for steroids and antibiotics. I don’t like topical flea products or any chemical flea products. I’ve seen way too much damage to cats. A healthy cat does not attract parasites. So let’s get Peaches VERY healthy and leave the vet visits to the ones who don’t understand that FOOD IS THE FOUNDATION OF HEALTH. Remember that kids generally prefer candy to broccoli… we just need to get them used to the new, healthy food – which is actually a lot more “bland” than commercial foods because they all typically add a lot of sugar and salt. Be strong. Be persistent and keep us in the loop.. xoxo Andi

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