Spot’s Stew: The Real Story

 In 1986, my cat Spot developed numerous health problems. His symptoms manifested as severe skin and coat problems, digestive disorders (chronic diarrhea alternating with irritable bowel syndrome), eye and ear infections, fleas, urinary tract and kidney malfunction, an embarrassing paunch, and a hypersensitivity to most unusual situations. I took Spot to five different veterinarians, all of whom prescribed premium foods and prescription drugs, but nothing worked. Over the course of a year, I was told at least three times to just put him to sleep; there was nothing to be done. Then fate took a peculiar turn.

I met Voyko Marx, the most intuitive person I’ve ever known.  Knowledgeable about nutrition and natural health, he showed me that the prescription food that Spot had been eating was actually causing him his problems.  It wasn’t easy to convince me of this, at first; but with nothing to lose, I allowed him to cook us up a batch of delicious chicken soup with vegetables, and that night – we all sat down to eat it; my very willing cat included!

During the first week of feeding Spot his new stew, we watched him go through an incredible metamorphosis.  Everything about him began to change.  His skin cleared up, the excessive shedding and dandruff disappeared. (I had to quit joking about owning a fur-lined couch.) His digestive system settled down, the fleas disappeared, and the litter box had no offensive odor. His kidney woes became a thing of the past and he seemed more confident and energetic than I’d ever seen him. Plus, his excess weight melted away effortlessly, and he never cried for food.  In a nutshell, my sweet Spot grew into the most gorgeous, healthy cat you could ever imagine!

Over the next several years, we gave out our recipe, so that caring, conscious pet owners could also benefit and helped to heal thousands of dogs and cats all over the world.

Eventually, we went on to produce the first totally natural, human-grade pet food, made under the strictest guidelines of a USDA kitchen, which had never been achieved by any other pet product maker. The company was called Halo, Purely for Pets and the food was of course named “Spot’s Stew”.   The Department of Agriculture actually approved our product labels to include the bold reference to the USDA facility, which was our unique stamp of approval, and placed our food above all others. As the front runner in the holistic pet industry, I coined the (now popular) term “human grade”, because there was nothing ever commercially produced to differentiate between what were typical pet-grade ingredients and our superior formula.   Countless people all over the world began to feed our wholesome canned food to their pets and experienced wonderful health benefits, too.

In July 2006, after spending over two decades (running the company seven days a week), I published The Whole Pet Diet so that more pet lovers could have access to all of the vital information I had learned – to make their pets healthier. Around the same time, I sold Halo to a group of investors who I believed would continue on with the holistic product line we designed. The company’s philosophies were altered, I have not been involved since,  most of my formulas were changed and the foods are no longer made in a USDA facility.

I have always maintained that by making your own dog or cat’s food with high quality, wholesome, natural ingredients you can be assured of their continued good health and transformations. By rolling up your sleeves, and taking their meals into your own hands; you too can experience the beauty of glorious, great health for the rest of their lives. I continue to make my own pets’ food to this day and still believe there is nothing about the body that cannot be changed or improved when you provide the right nutritional support!  Remember: If I couldn’t eat it, my pets would NEVER get it!

It’s NEVER too late to eat well! Order a copy of The Whole Pet Diet for your best friend’s best friend today!

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Celebrate your pet’s great health and make EVERY day a Holiday!
Andi Brown

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